5 Serum Skins You Should Be Getting Now

Custom Xfer skins have been making a big buzz over the net since the new 1.213 updates. However, the good news is that many brands offer new serum skins.

The GUI serum design of Lance Thackeray and other classic serum looks may be useful, but isn’t it exciting to try new styles? Using similar interfaces or colors can result in you being uninspired or bored. However, Xfer now provides a patch for everyone to have the convenience of editing their serum skin files.

Many producers now benefit from this trend. The entire market is now full of many Serum Skins. There are artistic and TV show-themed skins, color changes, and so much more. If you have a hard time figuring out which skins to use, make sure to check out this list to give you some ideas.

Best Serum Skins Available

To narrow down your research, here are the best skins you can get for Xfer serum.

1. Asteroid Skin – An analog and vintage sounding sound Xfer serum pack, Asteroid is inspired by 80’s horror, sci-fi movies, and television shows. The kit may include hundreds of presets, custom wavetables, a custom skin, and noise source.

2. Unicorn Skin – A very well-rounded serum library, it features dubstep basses and growls, bass chords, multiple transition effects, etc. You can choose from EDM bangers and trap joints.

3. Invader Skin – Sounds like a bass synth, chord synth, FX sounds, grooves, bassline, and more. May also include 100 percent custom-built skin. Invader is not just your typical preset synth bank.

4. Orchid Skin – One of the most originals skins for Xfer serums produced out there. The presets were rigorously built. It could contain many custom wavetables, serum presets, and extra bass hits.

5. Delicate Skin – Pave the way for another popular skin in the market. The Delicate skin may include multiple wavetables, and serum presets as well as basses, leads, growls, and effects.

Installing New Skins

The installation process is quite straightforward:

  1. Download the skin and zip file or unzip the rar file.
  2. Look for the folder that is only the skin. Main skins usually have data such as colormap.png, 1x folder, 2x folder, and fonts folder. Its important to pick the right fonts for your website. 
  3. Now open the serum.
  4. Hit on the ‘Menu’ button and then the ‘Show Serum Presets Folder.’ The folder that appears should include all the serum wavetables, noise files, presets, and “Skins” folder.
  5. Drag the new skin into the skin folder.
  6. Go back in the serum. Click the menu and ‘Rescan folders on the disc.’
  7. If you see the large SERUM logo, click it. You will usually notice it on the synth’s top left.
  8. A drop-down menu will now appear.
  9. Enjoy navigating your new Serum Skins!

What if you want to switch skins? Click on the SERUM logo and choose a skin from the drop-down menu. What if you do not want to take the risk of installing? Buy the skin you want from a reliable website. Most offer skins for Xfer serum in a pack and the price will not disappoint. With this, you now have the convenience of editing serum skin files.