Why are You Always Missing Your Targets When Shooting?

Having that beautiful and powerful rifle is one thing, knowing how to maximize its firepower is a different thing entirely.

The masters of the art of the shooting range know that unlike regular handguns, firing a rifle with precision and accuracy requires enough training and experience.

Every sniper will tell you how they apply focus, concentration, and stillness to get the perfect shot.

This post will help you discover the mistakes that are robbing you the savory fulfillment of a good shot.

So here we go.

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1.    Not Having Enough Strength

Using a rifle demands enough strength and energy. When your body is exhausted, you may have a lower chance to hit a target. It is advisable that you take some breaks to allow your body to regain your energy.

Often, fatigue comes with an improper mounting of accessories. Using the right rails like aero precision rails enable you to mount weight on your rifle.

2.    Not Paying Attention to Your Barrel Floating

You may not worry about your barrel floating with a brand new gun. However, for an old gun, continuous usage can cause the barrel to touch the base of the gun, thereby upsetting the balance.

You can use a hack to solve this issue by simply running a dollar bill in-between the gap. If it passes freely, then you don’t have anything to worry about, but if it doesn’t, then your rifle needs immediate maintenance. On the other hand, using free-floating handguards, especially those aided with aero precision rails will improve the harmonics of your AR 15 barrel.

3.    Ignoring Distractive Factors

Like we said earlier, firing a perfect shot needs focus, stillness, and concentration. When you’re hunting or otherwise, you are prone to distractions from your immediate environment. Such distractions include insect and bug bites, snakes, and similar pests. You need to wear protective gear in the form of insect repellent and bug sprays. There’s no way in the world that you can shoot accurately with an insect tingling in your ears.

4.    Not Taking a Proper Stance

Accuracy in shooting demands that you take the proper stance. It could be standing, sitting, prone, or bench. New shooters are better off with the seated bench stance, which aids recoil endurance, thereby increasing accuracy.

5.    Incorrect Finger Placement

This is the most common mistake new shooters make. When the right index finger is rested on the trigger, the accuracy of the shot will be affected by a wide margin. The right finger placement should place the trigger finger on the trigger rim and moving it only when a target is locked.

6.    Flinching

Shooting instructors always emphasize on how flinching can deny you of an accurate shot. There are lots of reasons why you could flinch. These include gun recoil, or noticing fire from the barrel, or even the noise. Make sure to remove any factors that may cause you to flinch. Otherwise, you may never hit your target till it is resolved.