Where can you bet online in the US?

There has been a lot of talk recently about sports betting in the US and in particular about the online sports betting industry. With last year’s Supreme Court ruling revoking the nationwide ban on single-game wagers, there has been some confusion surrounding where and when people can place bets online.

Here’s all you need to know.

Where you can bet now?

The ruling allowed each state to govern its own affairs with regards to online betting, and, so far, quite a few states have been quick to react. Nevada already had sports betting in place and now offers online options. New Jersey and Pennsylvania very quickly followed suit while states such as Indiana, Iowa, and Oregon starting their online operations later.

Residents of each state listed above are a little spoiled for choice in that there are quite a few online sportsbooks operating in each region. With such competition in the market, fans can easily find great odds on their favorite sports and teams. And, in fact, it looks set to get even better for sports fans.

West Virginia have committed to getting their online betting portals live in time for the NFL season (they’re a little late) while Rhode Island, Illinois, and Tennessee have plans to go online quite soon.

Will any other states follow?

Delaware have already passed legislature allowing online sports betting; however, although live sports books are in place, there are no online books available. It’s not clear if there will be any in the future or what exactly is causing the delay.

New York failed in their bid to pass their own legislation, and it looks as though residents of the state will have to wait a long time to bet from home. However, Michigan is working hard on its efforts, and it looks increasingly likely that they will join the states we listed earlier.

New Mexico currently allows sports betting in a tribal area, but it remains illegal elsewhere in the state, which makes it unlikely that residents will have online options any time soon. Arkansas and Mississippi both allow sports betting, but this is limited to land and water-based casinos. Again, while it’s legal to bet, there are slim hopes that online options will be added to their legislation any time in the near future.

Right now, the internet is a wonderful place, and there are many interesting things you can do online. However, unless you’re a resident of the states we listed above, it seems that placing bets on sporting events just isn’t one of them. Having said that, it was only a very short time ago that betting was extremely limited in the US, so who knows what the future may bring?