What to Look Out for in Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Your Dogs

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is an active compound found in cannabis and typically derived from the hemp plant. It has recently gained more and more influence due to its healing and therapeutic benefits. As of late, CBD has become increasingly incorporated into different solutions, such as oils that aim to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and similar benefits.

While CBD is usually associated with human use, there has recently been a rise in CBD oil for dogs. Similar to its human counterpart, CBD oil for dogs aims to provide a natural remedy to pain, seizures, anxiety, and the like. With the industry growing and the number of manufacturers ballooning, however, you must first understand how you can choose the best CBD oil for dogs before immediately getting it.

Look Out for How the CBD Oil is Made

 An article by CNBC states that CBD products, specifically CBD oil, have become increasingly used by pet owners due to their health benefits. For CBD to produce its intended benefits, manufacturers should extract it from the hemp plant. However, there are quite a few ways in which this may be done, so you should look out for CBD oil that has CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is a method wherein hemp gets placed in a high-pressure chamber, with the CO2 putting pressure on the hemp to release the oil.

If you’re trying to look for the best CBD oil for dogs, you should opt for the one made with CO2 extraction. This method results in the highest concentration of CBD, so you can ensure your furry friend gets the maximum health benefits. 

Look Out for a CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Another crucial point to consider when choosing CBD oil for your dog is that you should be able to get a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the company. A COA contains information on the amount and type of substances that you can find in the CBD product, with the document typically coming from a third-party laboratory.

If you get a hold of a COA, there are also things to be wary of to make sure you’re getting the best CBD oil for your pooch. For instance, you should double-check whether the CBD amount indicated in the oil matches with the amount stated in the COA. Likewise, you have to make sure the CBD oil has extremely little or no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes psychoactive effects. Do not rely on the face value of your CBD oil product. Always cross-check and see whether the ingredients in the product match with those in the COA.

Look Out for CBD Oil Additives

 When finding the best CBD oil for dogs, you should not overlook the ingredients found in the product. Before purchasing anything, check for any additives, chemical preservatives, or other similar substances in the CBD oil. The presence of these additives will compromise the health benefits of CBD oil, making them poor choices in case you intend to purchase.

If your fur baby is currently taking any medication, you should also check whether any ingredients in your CBD oil may cause difficulties in metabolizing supplements.

With that said, there are many variations of CBD oil available, so you must always ask for a recommendation from your veterinarian to identify what will suit your dog best. Ultimately, selecting the best CBD oil will help your dog reap maximum health benefits.