What is the difference between a wood chipper and a wood shredder?

A wood chipper and a wood shredder are outdoor tools used to break down debris from trees. The two of them produce by-products that can be used for landscaping. 

Wood chippers are often portable, mounted on wheels on frames appropriate for towing behind a truck or van. On the other hand, wood shredders may look like miniature versions of wood chippers, especially for those unfamiliar with the two.

Why use a wood chipper and a wood shredder?

Red wood chipper

Transports materials easier and quicker

Imagine going outside your home and finding the sight of trees debris after a storm, or imagine looking at the sight of debris of trees after pruning (the removal of parts of the plant, tree, or vine for growth production or beautification) and having no contact for a professional to get rid of all the debris. This is where the wood chipper and wood shredder come in. Both machines make it easier for all the bulky and challenging waste to be removed from the property. Instead of giving yourself a headache in transferring heavy debris, a wood chipper and wood shredder reduce them into smaller pieces to be transferred lightly, easier, and quicker. With just a simple configuration, all those branches, trunks, and leaves will be transformed into transportable, smaller pieces. 

Eliminates burning 

The good thing about using either of the two machines is that they eliminate the burning of wood waste. Since burning produces a lot of emissions and can take hours, it is not an advisable or wise decision to dispose of wood waste. Burning wood creates sparks, which can be dangerous in dry, windy environments. Wind-borne ash from burned wood waste can pose a public health threat by contaminating groundwater, soil, and water bodies. Using either machine instead of an incinerator protects the environment and yields a valuable by-product.

Empowers recycling

One helpful thing the two machines can do is turn unwanted wood waste into a valuable by-product: wood chips. These chips can be safely disposed of or sold in manufacturing particleboard and other particleboard products. Wood chips are most commonly used to create mulch that nourishes and protects crops without the added cost of fertilizers or herbicides. They can also be used to make compressed wood in pallets and furniture. They are also valued for their use as renewable energy. When converted to biofuel, wood chips can even power automobiles and other equipment.

The Difference between a Wood Chipper and a Wood Shredder

bag of leaves and sticks

machine launching pieces of shreaded wood

 1. Usage

The primary difference between the two machines is when it is used. A wood shredder reduces smaller vegetation debris like leaves, mulch sources, and compost. They are suitable only at a lower level. On the other hand, wood chippers are primarily used in sawmills and are used at the industrial level for cutting and reducing bigger and bulkier wood, lumbers, and whole tree materials.

2. Specifications

Engine Type: Both use electric motor- and gas-powered motor engines. Wood shredders have units that use electric motor engines that are easy to maintain and are less expensive. While wood chippers, as used for industrial and commercial purposes, mainly uses gas-powered engine. They are huge and might require huge space as storage.

Reduction Ratio: Refers to the number of things the machines can break into smaller pieces. A wood chipper will always have a higher reduction ratio than a wood shredder. 

Number of blades: A higher reduction ratio means that a machine possesses more edges. Since wood chippers are used in bulky wood and industrial-level types, they require more blades than a wood shredder. 

Vacuum Attachments: Both machines have vacuums to lessen the time consumption for the breaking down process.

3. Appearance

Wood shredders have two hoppers instead of one and do not have a long ejection chute like the wood chipper. Wood shredders have vertical strings that run up to the central drum. They also have smaller engines than wood chippers. 

Final Thoughts

The invention of machines such as wood chippers and wood shredders is an excellent technological advancement that has made people’s work easier and worthwhile. The two engines, although serving different functions, shares the same purpose for the benefit of the users.