What Is an Alpha Dogg Combo and Why Would You Want One

Primos is a company known for its excellent line of hunting gear. One of its renowned products is the Alpha Dogg Game Caller Combo, which is prized by both experienced and newbie hunters. But it is not just used for hunting. Read on to find out more about this product.

Why would you want an Alpha Dogg Combo?

1. To enhance hunting experience

There are several reasons why people hunt predators such as coyotes, bobcats, and foxes. They may hunt the same game animals as people do. They may spread diseases like rabies. Or people may have to control population of these animals. Some hunters may kill them for their fur or meat. Others hunt just for pure challenge and pleasure.

Many hunters, specifically newbie ones, are seeking to learn how to call in these predatory animals as a way of luring them into traps. However, some hunters may find it difficult in imitating the genuine calls such as those of rodents, rabbits or deer.

The Alpha Dog Combo to mimics the calls of game animals. Some units also include a “critter” that acts as a decoy by mimicking a wounded rodent or bird, which can attract predators. Before your target realizes it, you have already gunned them down.

2. To protect oneself and their property

Many homeowners and farmers are getting fed up with coyotes or foxes climbing over high walls or digging under fences, killing their pets as well as sheep, chicken, goat, etc.  Coyotes and foxes have a superb sense of smell. They can detect the aroma of your barbecue even from hundreds of yards away. As you might expect, they would sneak in and steal your food. Worse, these wild animals can also attack humans, in particular babies or people who are asleep.

It will come to the point that people are done with these wild animals. They are left with no other choice but to put them down. But following them into the forest is not exactly a good thing to do. You have no idea how aggressive these wild animals can be.

Instead of risking your life by following them into the woods, you can lure these wild animals out of the forest. Fortunately, the Alpha Dogg Combo allows you to draw in predators by mimicking the sounds of their potential prey, such as birds and rodents. While foxes and coyotes are known for being smart (they can recognize traps and hunting equipment), they may fail to recognize Alpha Dogg Combo with its perfectly camouflaged design and coloring. As your target is being drawn by the machine’s perfectly life-like calls of other game animals, you can aim your rifle at it, and start firing.

The Alpha Dogg Combo will be your best hunting buddy or the ultimate solution to your predator-intruder problems. This combo includes:

1. Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call (with remote control)

2. Sit’N Spin Crazy Critter

(Each can also be bought individually)

As with everything else that you use for hunting, design is very important. Fortunately, the Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call nails on this one. It uses the Realtree Max-1 Camo design which helps it to blend into its immediate surroundings. Your target may not know the presence of the Alpha Dogg because of its excellent pattern and coloring.

The Alpha Dogg Predator Call has a great ergonomic design: it features a removable carry handle and a dedicated slot for holding the remote control.

The Alpha Dogg Predator Call features a “No Distortion” speaker system, which includes dual 180-degree, 20-watt side cone speakers and one horn speaker in the middle. The dual speakers allow you to manipulate both the direction of the sound travels and the compactness of the caller. The speakers are foldable. When you close the speakers back to the sides, it allows for a more compact and portable design. The sound that blares from these speakers is crystal-clear – no distortions whatsoever.  The unit also features a horn speaker in the middle that boasts an even more powerful 25 watts.

The combination of three speakers and dual amplifiers delivers loud volume and overall good audio quality.

The Alpha Dogg Predator Call includes 75 different sound options, organized by species in the remote control. In addition, it has six complete “Expert Hunts” which allow you to have the Primos team members actually doing the game calls for you. Isn’t that neat?

The Alpha Dogg also allows you to create your own hunting call sequences and make a category for your favorite sounds.

As for its storage capacity, the Alpha Dogg has a 2GB internal memory which can store up to 1,000 sounds. Primos’ professional sound library allows you to add more sounds and Expert Hunts.

Other features of the Alpha Dogg Predator Call includes a USB port which allows you to add more sounds or download more Expert Hunts. A dedicated USB cable is also included in the unit.

There are also the “Audio In” and “Audio Out” jacks. The “Audio Out” jack allows you to plug in an external speaker, while the “Audio In” jack lets you play custom sounds from an external device, such as an MP3 player. There’s also the “Decoy” jack if you would like to plug in a decoy.

Alpha Dogg Predator Call requires eight AA batteries, while the remote control requires three AA batteries. Those number of batteries may be a bit too much. But with the kind of capacity and power that the Alpha Dogg has, it is not a small wonder that they require that much juice.

The remote control features a backlit, high-resolution 2.5-inch LCD screen with full color. You can change the appearance of the screen from the standard green color to red for reading in the night or darker areas. Featured on the display screen is a timer so you will know how long you have been playing a particular sound. You can use the remote control to adjust the volume, choose the sounds that are going, activate the decoy that’s plugged into the Alpha Dogg Predator Call, and even organize your sound library.

The remote control also features the “hot” button, which allows you to quickly change the mechanism and adjust to the situation. It lets you play the pre-programmed sounds instantly. More than that, this button is most helpful when controlling decoy and adjusting the sound volume when the situation deems fit.

This combo also includes Sit’N Spin Crazy Critter, a decoy that simulates a wounded rodent or bird with erratic movements and a 360-degree spinning motion. There’s also the adjustable speed dial which lets you increase or decrease the Critter’s speed.

The Alpha Dogg Predator Call comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. It produces a great sound with no distortions. It offers a vast range of sound options to choose from, plus it also allows you to customize your own sounds. The design of this unit is quite compact and highly portable, and can blend well into its immediate surroundings.

Taking all of its essential features into account, the Alpha Dogg Predator Call is a well-designed unit that should be your indispensable companion in catching game or putting down predators.