When it comes to vacations, choosing the area where you will lodge while on your trip is the most important decision that you will have to make. It is important that you choose a vacation home that suits your preferences and most importantly, makes you feel at home. Are you planning a trip? Here are some reasons why you will enjoy your stay at the Fontana dam NC.

Attractive and cozy vacation homes

With vacation rental Fontana dam NC, you can find vacation homes for singles, couples as well as families that will provide you with the best comfort in terms of facilities and privacy to enable you to enjoy your getaway. There are many vacation homes to choose from based on your preferences. What are some of the interesting lodges that you can find?

Lakeside homes

Charming and attractive are the words that best describe the lakeside houses at vacation rental Fontana dam NC. Located just a few steps from the water, you can enjoy the peaceful, calm, and serene setting of the Fontana dam. You can find couple, family, and group lakeside homes with comfortable bedrooms, bathtubs, laundry room, and kitchen; it would not even feel like you are away from your home.


Looking for a new home experience? You can try the wooded cabins that have luxurious space and amenities like A/Cs, cable TV, a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Depending on the vacation type, be it couple, group or family, there are cabins for all. Apart from the interesting lodges, you and your partner, family or friends can have so much fun by doing things that you enjoy or trying things you have never done before, which will be more exciting.

Go on tour: There is so much to see and explore for all ages

Adventure is fun, and that is what the Fontana dam NC is all about. You can explore the exterior and interior of the smoky mountains with its other entire natural exploits. Additionally, there are lots of activities that you can enjoy while on vacation, like exploring the dam by boat and having a beautiful view of the Fontana Lake or swim.

Have fun on the water

Enjoy sailing on the waters in whatever you choose, whether it’s canoes, kayaks, or paddleboards to have a beautiful view of the waters. How about having a celebration? Birthdays, an engagement, a romantic dinner, wedding anniversary, or just a regular party on the pontoon or launch boats with your loved ones. If you love getting wet, then have fun while cruising on a sports boat and enjoy the lake breeze.


Fishing activities are usually fun and a good way to bond while on vacation. Catch some fresh fish and roast them during sunset for a perfect end to a great day.

Mountain climbing

Talking about real exploitation, mountain climbing is the real deal for adventurers and hikers. Have a pleasurable time hiking the smoky mountains of Fontana Dam NC and get to see the spectacular view from above.

There are so many activities to make your vacation a blast. You can have a retreat, picnic or even camp with your friends or family. It’s all about planning.