Top Ten Places to Visit In Switzerland

Places to visit in Switzerland

If you want to go and spend your vacations at a place where you can enjoy some quality time then there can be no better option than Switzerland. This country has so many mountains, lakes, castles, and lush green fields. The geography of Switzerland is such that it can be easily accessed as it is situated at the center of Europe sandwiched between France and Germany. Let’s see what are the places which you can or should visit during your trip to Switzerland.

1. The famous Alpine peak

This is one of the highest peaks in Europe but its reputation is not only because of its height. This mountain is in Matterhorn, Zermatt and the shape of this peak is pyramid type and that is the reason why it is the most photographed natural object. The height of this peak is around 4478 meters high and that is what draws mountaineers towards it. There are many cable cars in this area which you can use and discover different areas as well apart from the Alpine peak. If you are in Switzerland then this place should be your priority number 1.

2. The Jungfrau Region

If you love solitude and do not like crowded alpine base camp then this place must attract you towards it. This is the Jungfrau Region and it is located near Alpine. A good thing about this place is that it has got green meadows and mountain paths. For hike lovers there can be nothing better than this place. Another good thing about this place is that you can discover so many places on your own and enjoy there without interruption of the modern world.

3. Castle Chillon

Switzerland is not only famous about its mountains or lush green meadows but it has also got castles of the old age. This is one of the best castles the Chateau de Chillon, Montreux. Location of this castle is very scenic as it is situated on the bank of Lake Geneva. You will also see history in this castle as it is 4 centuries old. A good thing about visiting this castle is that everything has been preserved in this and you will feel yourself in the medieval period. This should be on your top of the list for sure.

4. Swiss National Park, Zernez

Switzerland is not that much big as far as its land is concerned but nature has given it everything. If you love to go to the wild places in solitude then there can be no place better than this Swiss National Park located in Zernez. This is actually the only National park in Switzerland you got to see this if you have come to visit Switzerland. There is a lot in this National park to offer things like glaciers, waterfalls, lush green meadows. There are different hiking trails in this national park to be more precise 21 hiking routes.

5. Cities near to Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is exactly what Eiffel tower is to France and if you haven’t seen it visiting Switzerland then your trip is not complete yet. Locally this lake is known as Lac Leman which is the French word used by the natives there. This lake is met with the hills on one side and you can view the landscape full of scenic views from this lake. This lake can lead you to so many different places of Switzerland like Jura Mountains or the Vaudoise Alps. You will never forget the experience of this lake for the whole of your life.

6. Lugano

If you want to discover the other side of Switzerland then this is going to place for you. Lugano is situated near Italy and that is the reason why it has got Italian influence. Summers in this region is but warm as compared to other parts of Switzerland. There is a number of museums and historical buildings in this city. Not to mention the famous Lake Lugano and you might have seen this place in many movies as well.

7. The de-facto Capital “Bern”

Would you like to visit any place on earth that still reflects the medieval touch? If yes then there is no better place than this de-facto capital of Switzerland Bern. One of its old towns has been also declared by UNESCO world heritage site. In this city, you will find old pathways with clubs and cafes everywhere. The parliament of Switzerland also sits here in this city. Bears are a symbol of this city and you will find many of them there.

8. The Rhine Falls

Waterfalls have always been an attraction for tourists and what about this waterfall which is Europe’s largest waterfall. There is no better sight than this waterfall and you can compare this to the Niagara fall. This waterfall is present in the northernmost part of Switzerland. There are different decks built near this waterfall to fully enjoy it. There is more than a waterfall in that region as you can go and visit castles near to this waterfall as well.

9. City of Lucerne

This city is known as lakeside city and there is a lot to visit in this city. Places like wooden bridges, churches or fortified towers will attract you and amaze you for sure. The Lake Lucerne is the prominent place in this city and you can explore so many nearby areas through boating.

10. The Largest City Zurich

This could be viewed as the metropolitan city of Switzerland where you will find an urban touch. There is historical heritage present in this city as well but mostly you will find it a great blend of modern and historical place. This place has got many museums in it not to forget art galleries too. From Zurich, you can visit any town of Switzerland in a very minimum amount of time.