Top Benefits of Using Holographic Security Labels

One of the top benefits of using the holographic security labels is that once they are applied, it cannot be taken off without leaving signs of tampering. This is what alerts the users about the security breach of the product. The fundamental reason holographic foil and security labels are used is once they applied and its adhesive sets in, it won’t come off without getting tampered.

Holographic security labels are often found attached to sportswear, sports accessories, electronic gadgets, mobile phones, and other such products. The companies these days are aware of the existence of the black markets selling replicas. Thus, they try to ensure that the consumers putting in money are aware of the authenticity of their product. Holographic security labels are one of the ways that consumers can be informed about the authenticity and originality of the product. There are specific ways in which the fake holographic can be differentiated from the original ones, and thus misuse, as well as security breaches, can be prevented easily. Here are the few benefits of using holographic labels.


The holographic foil used to make holographic sticks, and security labels are beautiful and eye-catching and are definitely made to catch the attention of the consumers. It adds to the attractiveness of the product packaging with its rainbow colors and 3D construction.

Brand Exposure

Holographic labels and stickers are easily customizable, and the company’s brand logo can be printed on it. It helps in enhancing the brand exposure that is an integral part of every company’s marketing campaign. It is these small branding and marketing efforts that go a long way in reaching out to more consumers. Holographic labels stay on the product and the packaging for a long time and thus, creates a long-lasting impression on the consumers due to more extensive interaction.

Security Features

Holographic security labels can be layered and designed to have certain specific security features. It is what makes the holographic stickers effective as they showcase the authenticity of the product and the brand without costing a fortune.

White Code Marking

The holographic security labels can be integrated with security features with the help of White Code Marking. With the help of White Code Marking, it is possible to include numerical series, signature, dates, and other personalized symbols and logos. It will enhance the quality of security of the holographic security label. This ensures the customers know the product that the holographic security label is put on is original and exclusive.

Inkjet Printing

The holographic foil used for making holographic security labels can also be used for inkjet printing. It helps in laying a layer of details of any kind such as signature, date, or anything else. It is mostly used for putting on products that come with an expiration date.

Laser Etching

Laser etching is also one of the ways the security feature of the holographic security label can be enhanced. It is one of the methods most companies are trying to add the serial number, batch number, or any other such detail to the holographic security label. It cannot be duplicated and hence, enhances the security of the valuable products and assets of the company.

The holographic foil and security labels have been used on the packaging of the products for many decades now. It helps in gaining the trust of the customers and ensuring they do not have to worry about the authenticity of the product they are buying.