Top 5 most played games on online casino

In recent years online casino games have become a thing. In the past year,the online casino was illegal for most countries. But now online casinos have legal rights and permission to run online casino not just in specific countries also around the whole world. The online casino has opened up the possibility of playing online casinos in any place around the world. Everyday,many players are playing online casinos, and new players are joining everyday. We have gathered some of the most played online casino games played.

1. Online slots

The online slot is one of the common and maybe the most played games on the online casino website. There are different types of slots games on any online casino. Since online casinos born in 1996, the slot has become a thing from then. It is one of the classic games that you can play online. Not just the slots spin is also one of the most popular games in any online casino. You can get free spins from the link. So make sure to check them out.

2. Blackjack

Someone play online casino but never heart of blackjack that is impossible. Online blackjack has a huge player base, and everyday the user of this game is increasing in a huge margin. The latest statistics suggest that 31% of online table game player plays online blackjack on online casino websites. This game has a higher payout than most of the games out there. You can use your skill and tactics to get more out of this game. These games also offer fantastic fun, and the player has a good time while playing this game. So overall, blackjack is a complete package for most of the players. Online promotion, play mode, welcome bonus, and all other kinds of stuff has made the game more attractive to the new and old player of online casino.

3. Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games on online casinos. It is not behind so much from the online blackjack. It grabs about 24% of the online casino market share. So you can see a lot of playerswho play these games daily. Most of the online casino offers different types of online roulette. So players can choose the game mode or the type of roulette they want to play. Online casinos providethe player to bet against the house or the live dealer. Players use different betting strategies to beat the machines. Most of the online casinos offer betting options like corner bet, street bet, split bet,etc.

4. Poker games

Poker games are one of the most popular games on online casinos. When anyone hears about an online casino, most people thought of poker games. There are mainly three types of poker games that you can play on online casinos electric poker, live poker, video poker. Today only poker games have around 21% of the total market share of the online casino business. Some online poker games like Let Em’ Ride, 3 card ride, and paigow are some of the most popular games on online casino websites. These games offer some excellent offers and exclusive betting systems.

5. Baccarat

Baccarat is one of a variety of card games. But Punto Banco is the most popular of them. The player from the United States, Australia, Macau, mostly plays this game. About 9% of the total table game is under this game control. In some countries, this game is the most popular. In 2014 this game had about 91% of the market share of total online casino games. This game has less strategy and more luck than other games.