The Truth About Amber Teething Accessories

Amber teething jewelry is the latest fad for babies and toddlers, yet do they help soothe sore teething gums?

Amber teething accessories are growing in popularity, especially when Miranda Ker’s son Flynn and other celebrity babies were photographed wearing them. Some moms consider them as a wonder cure, yet health professionals caution they do more harm than good. Wearing teething jewelry, especially necklaces, are said to put babies at risk of choking and strangulation.

So, what’s the truth aboutBaltic Amber teething accessories? Are they worth buying for your baby or a mere waste of money?

What is Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber is a naturally occurring substance formed more than four decades ago. Pine trees that thrive in the jungles of Northern Europe, particularly near the bed of the Baltic sea, produce this ‘Fossil Resin.’ As temperatures get warmer, the trees started to produce sizeable amounts of this type of amber.

According to experts, oxidation has kept the Baltic Amber in a stable state.

The use of Baltic Amber for its medicinal properties dates back since the ancient times. It’s also a popular material for making ornaments and pieces of jewelry as well as a perfume ingredient.

Do Baltic Amber accessories work?

You could ask anyone whose little angels have gone from screaming mess to a peaceful, sleeping child after wearing the amber teething anklet,necklaces, and bracelets. They would tell you they are essential baby items.

While not yet proven by Science, Amber is believed of containing anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The substance is mainly known for helping with easing bone and joint pains.

Others have also reported that it has helped in treating several chronic conditions like migraine, skin conditions, fibromyalgia, repetitive strain injuries, and rheumatoid arthritis. Some even say it promotes restful sleep by helping ease stress and anxiety.

As with regards amber teething necklace, anklet, bracelets and the likes, manufacturers claim that they release therapeutic succinic acid into the skin of the baby, which aids in relieving drooling and inflammation. Some critics, however, say that the skin of the baby does not reach the required temperature for amber to release the acid.

Do They Pose a Danger to Babies?

Chemically-wise, NO! As explained above, amber teething accessories are made from natural substances. Authorities, in recent years, however, have issued warnings against the use of theamber teething necklaces, in particular, as they pose choking and strangulation risks.

Overall, amber teething accessories are safe, but the necklaces should be used with caution.  There seems to be no problem with amber teething anklet or bracelet as there’s no way they can choke or strangle your baby, especially when used properly.

How do you know what’s real from the fake?

The only way you can be sure that you’re not buying rip-offs is to purchase only from a reputable seller. An amber teething necklace is usually being sold for around EUR20. Aside from being sure it’s real, an accessory bought from a reliable seller has beads individually knotted to minimize the risk of choking.