The Many Benefits of Drinking Tea Regularly

Established researches confirm that drinking tea daily drastically improves your overall health. Beyond enhancing your immune functions, natural tea has been seen to improve a person’s neurological system, preventing many diseases associated with the onset of neurological deterioration.

Drinking tea has long since been part of Asian traditions revered for its cure-all medicinal properties. The Japanese and Chinese have long since been having tea as part of their daily consumption. The notion of tea as a sort of ‘panacea’ has been handed from generations and even promoted in the Western world.

The Difference between True Teas, Herbal Tisanes and Herbal Fusion

With a myriad of teas from flavors to the different types, it can be easy to get lost in the cocktail of choices. The main difference between each type of tea actually lies with the processing methods. True teas and tisanes are the two main types of hot drink and are often confused by many.

True tea is commonly made from the camellia Sinensis plant or more often, the tea plant and the green tea and its variants. The evergreen plant acquires its distinct taste based on the climate and land area where the plant thrives. This creates different flavors which can be unique in each brew. Tisanes or herbal teas, on the other hand, are considered as caffeine-free and are not acquired from the tea leaves. This type of tea is often made from the fusion of spices, a variety of flowers from other plants, and fruit and herb parts.

A rishi hot tea comes in either type of tea and also falls under the fusion tea type. This type of warm beverage offers the most unique flavors because of the fusion of blends from dried fruits, fragrant flowers, pure oil essences, herbs, and spices. A rishi hot tea offers the most distinct flavors that are only known in the brand. Not only do you get the fullest aromatic scents but you get the exact gratifying taste in every sip of the fusion teas.

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea Everyday

Unlike our modern processes and refined beverages, teas are still derived from natural plant leaves, providing more health benefits. This makes it healthier and closer to our real natural state. Each type of tea also has its own natural compound, which substantially improves our overall health.

In recent studies, drinking tea has been seen to be beneficial for the heart as it protects our hearts from severe heart diseases that include blood clots and heart attacks. Tea contains an anti-inflammatory compound that helps soothe tissues within the atrial vena cava and the surrounding arteries.

Teas are also energy-boosting drinks because they contain small amounts of caffeine. This drink is also beneficial for people who are cutting back on their caffeine intake as it prevents the body from experiencing caffeine withdrawal. Teas also support mental health, especially green tea, which has been seen to lower the risk of developing neurological diseases. Tea has a calming effect reducing your stress levels and helping you feel more relaxed throughout the day.