What is a Liquid Water Enhancer?

pouring water in a glass

For some people, drinking plenty of water is challenging and feels like a chore to do. But this is very important as water keeps the body hydrated. Most people are not fond of drinking water due to its lack of taste or flavor. This is why many brands today are making flavored … Read more

Benefits of Using Drinking Water Enhancers

A girl drinking a glass of water

Many doctors and well-wishers often counsel us to drink more water for its health benefits. When we have enough water throughout the day, it can cleanse our bodies of toxins and other harmful elements. The results include clearer skin, a better mood, and an overall healthier internal system. However, many people do … Read more

Yes, There Are Non-Aspartame Water Flavorings That Taste Good

Aspartame – the familiar ingredient that we find in many commercial diet sodas and water flavorings. It is used as a low-calorie artificial sweetener to replace sugar. Aspartame stimulates the taste buds on our tongues, in the same way as sugar does. Aspartame came to public consciousness when it was first marketed … Read more