The Ultimate Guide to Swiss Army Knives

a Swiss Army knife

The Swiss Army Knife is a popular multi-tool pocketknife manufactured by Victorinox. It is among the most versatile pocket knives on the planet. This is because, in addition to being a pocket knife, you can also use it as a screwdriver, wire cutter, can opener, toothpick, corkscrew, and more. Today, you will … Read more

What is the difference between Japanese and German Knives?

Japanese and German Knives

Each dish in your kitchen has one thing in common, the knife with which it is chopped. The decision between the two knives is way more crucial than it seems to be. The reason is, compromise with even one feature can have tremendous setbacks. Each one is stylistically designed, keeping in mind … Read more

Tool Use Guide for the Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is probably the most iconic all-around tool of all time. The little red pocket knife proves to be a handy and versatile tool that you can take anywhere – during a day’s hike, a fishing trip, or an overnight camping trip. It keeps you ready whenever you are … Read more

Buying Guide to Swiss Army Knives

A Swiss Army knife is one of the most versatile pocket knives you can have. And aside from being a knife, you can also use it as a screwdriver, a wire cutter, a can opener, and many more. The Swiss Army knife was a popular type of knife when it was invented. … Read more

Buying Guide to Kitchen Knives

A knife is one of the most important pieces of equipment for cooking and preparing dishes. It is essential to have a good kitchen knife to make the job go smoother. The best kitchen knife should be sharp enough and has the right weight and balance to make sure that your chopping … Read more

History of the Swiss Army Knife

Ah the Swiss. We love them for their cheese, watches and chocolates (Toblerone, anyone?). But of course, there’s something more closely associated with Switzerland – the iconic Swiss Army knife. It seems like any traveler who visits Switzerland doesn’t leave with one of it in his or her pocket. Perhaps you also … Read more

Things You Didn’t Know About Swiss Army Knives

The Swiss Army knife is a well-known portable tool around the world, and it’s one of the few things closely associated with Switzerland. It’s a modern marvel made out of necessity for military, but stayed for more than a century because of its unbeatable utility and portability. It is undoubtedly an iconic … Read more