What is Coffeeberry?

ripe and unripe coffeeberries

At the present time, there has been a lot of research about the benefits of drinking coffee. Almost everyone is aware that coffee comes from roasted coffee beans. However, most are not very familiar with the coffee fruit, or what is called coffeeberry. It comes from the same plant as the coffee … Read more

What is Aspartame?

a spoonful of sweetener

When it comes to sweeteners and flavorings, there are many options out there, such as sugar, honey, maple syrup, dates, and molasses. But aside from those, another example of sweetener is aspartame. Most of the time, aspartame is used as a substitute for sugar and beverages, particularly in diet sodas. It is … Read more

Are nutrition bars healthy or not?

digital drawing of protein bar

In this current fast-paced society, where sitting down to eat a meal can be seen as a luxury, the appearance of nutrition bars is deemed as a blessing by many. These pocket-sized bars are once primarily consumed by serious athletes searching for ways to keep an advantage. Now, anyone who requires a … Read more

Why Kids Should Spend More Time Outdoors

two kids sitting on the grass, reading a book

Think of just how much stuff your kids can do when let loose in the outside world. They can walk, run, jump, play hide-and-seek, race against each other – all the cool stuff that eventually become a collection of funny childhood stories and anecdotes when they grow up. Letting your kids spend … Read more

Can Being Outside Make Us Healthier?

a group of people sitting by the campfire

Running? Cycling? Hanging out or eating out with friends? Camping? Beaching? Mountain Climbing? In these times of pandemic and lockdowns, what do you miss the most about going outdoors? Indeed, this global crisis has caused too much burden to people and will still continue to do so unless we find a cure. … Read more

Brilliant Ways to Stay Healthy with Minimum Effort

Brilliant Ways to Stay Healthy with Minimum Effort

The modern society makes the health journey complicated than ever. Many individuals are trying to balance family, work, and other responsibilities. As a result of this, they neglect their wellbeing, and health goals are put on hold. The day-to-day choices you make determines whether you’ll maintain vitality as you grow older or … Read more

Aging with Beauty and Grace

Aging with Beauty and Grace

Whether we like it or not, getting old is a fact of life. We try not to think about it because no one is really comfortable with the idea of aging. But growing older does not have to mean that we also deteriorate and lose purpose. Aging is something we can look … Read more

Things to Pack in the Best Gym Bags

One of the ways to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle is to go to the gym. Well, in the ideal world, people would have plenty of time to go to the gym. However, in reality, most people only squeeze in their workout schedules into their busy days. It can be … Read more

What Makes A Glass Of White Wine Healthier?

Toasting a glass of wine is a perfect way of celebrating a momentous event. You can never see a party celebration complete without sipping a glass of wine. It is the standard choice for al party lovers since wine shows an incredible class, elegance, and living standards. Wines also identify your social … Read more

Healthy Living for Women 40 and Above

You might have heard people saying that a woman who is 40 years old must take her health seriously. There is some truth to this. When a woman enters the fourth decade of her life, weight changes become more visible. Generally, her metabolism slows down, thus the weight gain. What should a … Read more

10 Best Meat Bars

Oatmeal and granola bars are popular snacks and sometimes meal alternatives for busy people. But aside from those snack bars, there are also meat bars. A lot of brands are introducing creative concoctions made of dried meats, making portable meat snacks the new thing. They come in varieties of beef, pork, chicken, … Read more