The Ultimate Guide to Boonie Hats

a camouflage boonie hat

It is very important to keep your head protected when you go outdoors, especially when fishing or boating. It is one of the most overlooked parts of preparation when it comes to outdoor activities, but it should not be. One of the best ways to protect your head from serious sunburn is … Read more

How Many Boonie Caps Are Made in the USA?

A Multicam Boonie

The boonie cap goes back to the beginning of the 1960s decade as part of the U/S military culture. While its types and variations have evolved for over five decades, we can pinpoint its evolution by looking at the most common examples. To start with, a boonie hat is a kind of … Read more

Best Boonie Hats for Children

a blue Boonie hat for kids by Sunday Afternoons

Most children today are seen playing with different gadgets at home. But isn’t it nice to see them playing outside as well from time to time? If you want your kids to spend some time outside, you needto protect them from the harmful rays of the sun. Putting on sunscreen is a … Read more

Best Ways to Wear a Boonie Hat

Boonie hats are one of the most useful hats you can wear outdoors, especially when hiking, hunting, and fishing. However, some people find Boonie hats challenging to wear in style. Some people complain about the annoying retention strap string and as well as the width of the band. But there are also … Read more

What are the Best Boonie Hats Today?

Boonie hats are one of the best kinds of hats you can wear outdoors. If you love to engage in outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, Boonie hats can help protect you from the scorching sun. Since they have wide brims, they can protect your head, face, and neck. There are also … Read more