Student’s Kitchen: 7 Most Necessary Tools You’ll Need in a Dorm

Moving out of the parents’ home is both a way to independence and a tough challenge. Packing is arguably one of the hardest aspects of this transition. If you want to survive no matter what the situation is, make sure you have the most reliable Swiss Army Knife in your pocket. 

How can you possibly know what you’ll need in the next six months? Sure, you can buy some missing items or have stuff mailed to you, but it’s best to be prepared in advance.

In this article, we will share some of the dorm kitchen essentials you will definitely find a good use for.

Some people enjoy cooking; some only do it on occasion. But let’s be honest, no student has money to eat out every single day. Even if you have only made scrambled eggs once in your life, you’ll have to cook dinner for yourself at some point.

So, let’s dive in! Here is the list of seven kitchen tools every student needs.

Mini Fridge

Yeah, this one is kind of obvious, yet, some manage to leave it out of the list. Nobody can survive without a fridge.

Especially if you’re going to study in a warm area like LA or Texas. No food can stay fresh in 90-degree heat for more than a few hours. That’s why investing in this item is a must. You don’t need a big one; a mini refrigerator can serve two or even three people.

If you get the opportunity, try to connect with your future roomie before the semester begins. This way, you’ll be able to divide expenses for the items you both will be using.

There’s no need to have two fridges in a tiny room. To save some of the precious cash, consider reaching out to the recent graduates. You might be able to buy a used fridge. This is also a great opportunity to get to know your institutions beforehand.

Ask around about the professors and common freshmen mistakes. Still, one of the most valuable pieces of advice you can get is to order your papers and home assignments from This will make your college life considerably easier.


It’s convenient, easy, and usually allowed in dorm rooms. Although there’s a lot of gossip about how microwaves are bad for people, it has never actually been proven.

Moreover, some food is best cooked in a microwave oven. For example, broccoli retains most of its nutrients when cooked fast. And it only takes about 5 minutes to make it using this handy appliance.

Other than veggies, you can make a whole array of meals in a microwave. Scrambled eggs? Easy! Creamy and cheesy pasta? Why not! Brownie in a mug? Sure!

Just make sure that your dorm allows microwaves before making a purchase.

Filtered Water Pitcher

This is one of the most often overlooked items by students preparing for their new chapter in life. Do some research before buying it, though.

What is the dorm building like? Is it a newly constructed or an old one? Pay attention to the area that you’ll be living in and look up the water quality there. If it’s not safe for drinking, consider buying a filter.

Chances are, you won’t be willing to carry huge water bottles to your room at least twice a week. Drinking water is a basic necessity, and nobody wants to go through any trouble for it.

Having a water pitcher is one of the most convenient and cheap means of water filtering. To make your filtered water taste great, try one of these liquid water enhancers.

Electric Kettle

Even if you don’t like coffee or tea, don’t rush to skip over to the next sections. Students are notorious for consuming instant meals in great numbers.

But how are you going to make instant noodles without boiling water? Sure, you could microwave it, but that’s kind of gross.

Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee fan, you can’t really go around without this item.

The hectic student life events have turned many coffee haters to love the bitter taste. Pulling all-nighters and going to classes is impossible without a cup of coffee (or two).

Besides, a coffee maker has quite a few uses you could have never thought about.

Person pouring coffee on glass cup


Of course, a blender is not exactly a necessity. Yet, it can seriously increase your cooking speed, leaving you with more time for sleep, for example.