Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter Xt Knife Review

If you are a hunter, you know the importance of a Swiss army knife in your kit. Victorinox is a well-known name when it comes to Swiss Army knives, and they have one of the best Swiss knives in their product range exclusively made for hunters.  The Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter XT has managed to set new standards among its competitors. It comes in a bright color that makes it easy to get spotted even if it falls in dry leaves or the weather is foggy.

Thanks to the non-slip two-component material, it does not slip off hands easily. The additional grip surface made of nylon polymers on the handles is icing on the cake. It includes two different blades out of which one is sharper than the other. No matter if you want to chop some wood log or cut the rope, they will come handy. The blades have an oval thumb hole that makes it easier for the user to open them without using both hands. Let it be scaling a fish, woodworking or even preparation of food in the wild, the high-quality stainless steel makes them companion for all kind of tasks. Other tools that are included in the knife are wood saw, corkscrew, Philips screwdriver and a key ring.

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Key Features of Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter XT Knife

The knife comprises of two different blades. The sharp one is ideal for woodwork, chopping logs for the fire, skinning a hunt, etc. while the less sharp one has proved its use for gutting the game and cutting ropes. Philips is well known for its screwdrivers, and the knife has one of very fine quality. All the tools have inbuilt locking feature that holds them inside perfectly while using one of the tools. The oval thumbhole makes it easy to open blades without using both hands that come very handy during the hunt. The handle has extra grip component that makes the grip excellent. It also comprises a wood saw, a corkscrew, and a key ring.


  • Compact and very handy.
  • Comes in bright colors and is easy to spot.
  • Extra components included on the handle for better grip.
  • Components made of stainless steel.
  • Oval thumbhole makes it easy to open blades with one hand.
  • Swiss Army certified
  • Made in Switzerland


  • Does not include flat headed screwdriver.
  • Price is on the higher side.

Why Should You Buy Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter XT Knife?

The high-quality stainless steel made the components last long. It proves itself to be the best lifetime companion for a hunter. Unlike its competitors, the blades are very easy to use, and the oval thumbholes make it even easier to open with one hand. The inbuilt locking facility keeps all the tools locked correctly. Bright color makes it very easy to spot even in dry leaves or extreme weather conditions. The grip on the handle is made of nylon polymer that gives better grip, and the knife does not slip off the hands easily. From cutting a rope to chopping a wood log or gutting a game, it will make every task easier for you. Philips screwdriver makes it, even more, useful.

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Bottom Line

Swiss Army Knife is a must-have tool for hunters and all-around users and Victorinox is one of the best manufacturers.  Hunter XT is an exclusive tool for hunters and comes in handy even in indoor chores too. The bright color, stainless steel components, and light weight make it the best and lifelong companion for a hunter and outdoor enthusiast. If you put reliability, safety and a full range of functionality on priority, then Hunter is a must buy. No matter you are buying it for yourself, friend, son, or grandson, Victorinox Hunter knife will never let you down.