Victorinox Swiss Army Compact Pocket Knife Review

Victorinox Swiss Army Compact Pocket Knife (Red)

When you hear the word compact, it is obvious to think that the product much lacks some important feature. On the contrary, when it comes to Victorinox Swiss Army Compact Pocket Knife, it defeats all odds and manages to keep the brand name high. Victorinox is famous for making high-end multi-purpose tools. They are also well known for their customer services. The compact knife is a gem in their collection. It comprises of 15 different very useful tools. Its handle made of acid resistant plastic and aluminium and components are made of high-grade stainless steel. The compact is comparatively lightweight and measures only 3.5 inches when closed.

Swiss knives are known for their multi-purpose tools and durable built. Victorinox Compact maintains the standards very well. The knife is best suited for campers, hunters and all-around users. It is useful in both indoor and outdoor work. It has tools for daily use as a ball pen and nail file and specific tools like screwdrivers of two different sizes.  It is available in various colours and looks very appealing. No matter you are planning to gift it to yourself, your son, friend or grandson, it will prove itself as a life long buddy.

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Key Features

Victorinox compactly comprises of 15 different tools. It has a broad blade that can be used to cut ropes as well as scaling a fish or removing the flesh of the hunt. A pair of sharp scissors is very useful while camping. Wire strippers are also included. Tin opener, corkscrew and bottle opener come in handy in, no matter you are camping outdoors or at home. Very common, yet useful features like ball pen, nail file and toothpick make it a tool for daily use. It comprises of two different sizes of screwdrivers i.e. 5mm and 1.5mm. Keyring often proves its importance. The applications are limitless.


  • Includes over 15 different features.
  • Well, known brand for multipurpose tools.
  • Certified by Swiss Army.
  • High-quality acid-resistant plastic and aluminium used for making a handle.
  • Tools made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Do not require sharpening on brief intervals.
  • All blades include locking feature that holds the tools correctly inside the handle.
  • Comes in appealing colours.
  • Lifetime warranty included.
  • Made in Switzerland.


  • You may find it bulky in comparison or its successors.
  • When you compare it to its competitors, the price is on the higher side.
  • The body comprises plastic.
  • Does not include pouch.

Why should you buy it, and not others?

The knife is made of high-quality stainless steel that makes the tools last long. You do not need to sharpen the blades on regular intervals. It will prove itself to be a lifelong buddy. Though any external or internal damage to the tools is unlikely, in case it happens, it comes with a lifetime warranty. In comparison to the similar products, it is lightweight and more durable. The colours are much more appealing than its competitors. The inbuilt locking facility holds all the tools inside while you are working with one of the instruments. This reduces the chance of any injury. As it does not rust easily, you only need a brush and some soapy water to clean it.

Bottom Line

It is a complete toolbox and comes in practical no matter you are working indoors or on a camping trip. The combination of fantastic features and superb customer service provided with the product makes it a must buy for all. If you are looking for a compact, high-quality, lightweight multi-purpose tool, then this is what you need. No matter you are buying it for yourself or gifting someone, Victorinox compact is the best choice.