Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Sd Lobster Design Knife Review

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Lobster

From the product range of a well-known company, Victorinox, Classic SD with Lobster Design is a beautiful and very useful tool. Victorinox is famous for making durable and long lasting Swiss Army knives. Classic SD is a new version of their famous Classic series, and it is available in different styles. The lobster print is one of the best selling piecesamong them Measuring only 2.5 inches; this amazing tool comes with a lifetime warranty.

This pocket knife is best suited for campers, hikers and all-around users. This includes a small blade for cutting, a plastic toothpick, a pair of scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, compact metal tweezers and a key ring for transport.

Victorinox is famous for maintaining high standards in both products and customer service. In the case of any wear and tear, company either repairs or replaces the piece. Stainless steel components make the features last very long, and the tools do not need sharpening on quick intervals. Whether you are working at home or enjoying a trip in the wild, this tool will prove itself as a lifelong companion. From stripping wires to shopping twigs or cutting ropes, this tool will come in handy.

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Key Features of Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Lobster

The Swiss Knife comprises of the standard six features. It has a small cutting blade that can be used to cut the rope, stripping wires, chop pieces or wood or to skin a game. It can also be used very well while preparing food in the wild or during a picnic. The pair of scissors comes in handy while trimming the beard or cutting paper and other indoor and outdoor chores. The metal tweezers can be used for a quick manicure. Nail file equipped with a screwdriver tip comes in handy in a lot of different tasks.


  • Made in Switzerland
  • Certified by Swiss Army
  • Stainless steel components
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Nail file with screwdriver tip
  • Very light weight
  • Key ring for transport
  • Can fit in a purse, bag or can be attached to key ring
  • Beautiful design
  • Inbuilt locking facility to hold tools


  • Handle with glossy finish may cause slipping
  • Price is on the higher side in comparison to competitors
  • Handle made of plastic
  • Small parts may cause choking

Why Should You Buy Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Lobster?

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket KnifeThe Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Lobster Design is a state-of-the-art piece by Victorinox. The company is famous for its high standards, and this product is maintaining those standards. It includes standard Swiss Army Knife tools and come in handy in both indoor and outdoor chores. The beautiful red lobster design is very eye catchy and had the famous Victorinox deign printed with it. The interlocking facility holds the tools inside while you are working with one of them. This reduces the chances of any accident. Though the product is very durable and does not get damaged easily, in the case of any wear and tear, the lifetime warranty will come to rescue. Victorinox maintains its high standards in customer service also, and you will not find any difficulty in getting the piece repaired or replaced.

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Bottom Line

When you are looking for a tool that will last long and will prove to be a faithful companion while working indoors and enjoying camping, hiking or a picnic with the family, you want something reliable. The Classic SD Swiss Army knife is the tool you are looking for. Equipped with standards Swiss army tools, this product is rated one of the most reliable tools by the users. If you are planning to buy a multipurpose tool for yourself or looking for one to gift it to your spouse, son, grandson or a friend, you should be but Classic SD.