Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Edelweiss Pocket Knife Review

A small yet classy product, Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Edelweiss Pocket Knife will be your buddy for work as well as leisure time. At a length of mere 2.5 inches, Edelweiss fits in the pocket perfectly. It is loaded with standard six tools including a blade, mini scissors, tweezers, a nail file/cleaner, a key ring, and a toothpick. Victorinox never compromises with the standards of its product range and maintained their reliability with this product too. It comes in an attractive floral pattern with Victorinox logo embedded within the design. It is a new version of the best selling Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife.

The size of the product is comparatively small than the other knives available in the market that makes it easy to carry. If you think with of this little devil. As with all the Victorinox Swiss knives, the components are made of stainless steel and are very strong. You can do every task quickly and easily. Ranging from cutting rope, screwing to filing nails and cutting wires, this small piece will prove itself to be a great help.

It is a multipurpose tool and is the best choice for some everyday uses. This is a product, without which, you should not leave your house. Victorinox makes sure that every step is looked upon very carefully while manufacturing the knife that makes the product, even more, reliable.

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Key Features

The knife has one small blade that is perfect for cutting ropes, chopping small wood logs, etc. The tip of the knife comes in handy which cutting flower stems, stripping wires and preparing food during an outdoor trip to the wild. The nail file comes with a screwdriver tip and comes handy in both indoor and outdoor chores including a quick manicure. It also includes tweezers, a key ring, and a pair of scissors. The internal locking facility holds the tools correctly. The floral design makes it very attractive. It offers a lifetime warranty in case there are any wear and tear.


  • Breathtaking built.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Screwdriver tip embedded in nail file.
  • Swiss Army certified.
  • The new version of the best-selling Swiss army classic pocket knife.
  • Components made of stainless steel.
  • Easily fits in pocket, purse and bags.
  • Made in Switzerland.


  • Very tiny.
  • Handle with a glossy finish makes it hard to grip.
  • Handles made of plastic.

Why Should You Buy It, and Not Others?

This compact Swiss army knife is best suited for all-around users and campers. It is a lifetime companion and comes in handy in a lot of households as well as outdoor tasks. Despite its compact size, the components are adamant and work well. The floral design makes it a perfect gift. It fits very comfortably in a pocket, purse or on a keychain. As it comes with a lifetime warranty, the company will take care of any wear and tear. It is versatile and useful for everyone of all genders. It is useful for both picnics and camping trips.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an attractive looking, lifelong companion that will prove to be a great help in daily chores, then you should buy this piece. Equipped with seven modern features, this, multi-purpose tools stands proudly on the high standards maintained by Victorinox. No matter you are doing some household work or enjoying an outdoor trip to the wild, this knife will stay along with almost every task. If you are planning to buy something useful for yourself, your son or friend, or even love of your life, then this Swiss army knife will suit your needs.