Victorinox Cadet Black Swiss Knife Review

Victorinox Cadet Black Swiss Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet KnifeHave you ever faced the situation like, on a journey you need to cut the fruits or in the party, you needed to open the bottle but did not have anything for the job? Thanks to the Victorinox Cadet, now the solution of every minor problem is in your pocket. Its multipurpose set and sturdy material make it vastly practical and constant companion. Its simple structure makes it slide in the pocket and just disappear. At the time of your need, it is always available and ready to use for any task. Its attractive colours make it more attention-grabbing for the users. It has a high-quality ranking if we talk about the power, sturdiness and flexibility. It has a sharp edge with a decent cutting performance due to its smooth grind and high-quality finishing. It is a necessity for every house for emergency and dangerous tasks. Its high gripping abilities make it more relaxed to use for stiffer tasks.

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Key Features

The Victorinox Cadet has almost nine features. One of its key features contains large and sharp blade for cutting fruits, vegetables, etc. Its can-opener feature helps to open the can of jars smoothly. It has a screwdriver of two sizes, 3mm and 5mm for almost every crewing job. Bottle opening tool aids for opening bottles for parties or outside gatherings. There is also a wire stripper tool for peeling of wires. This product has a pointy tool for cleaning nails from inside. The nail file is used for smoothing the nails. In the last, a key chain is available for packing keys.


  • The Victorinox Cadet has a compact shape and can be fit in the pocket without being noticed.
  • It is Lightweight, multifunctional set and can be used to perform any minor tasks.
  • It is a Portable knife and can easily be transported anywhere than an ordinary knife like in parties etc.
  • It is a durable and high-quality product made of stainless steel, hence, can sustain for a lifetime.
  • The item asks for a little space and does more than its appearance. One of the useful gadgets to buy and save a lot of
    space in your house or car by replacing the extra bigger tools for the same purpose.
  • Its thin shape, smooth curves and incredible flexibility can amaze both, your eyes and heart.


  • As a tool, the Victorinox Cadet is dangerous for kids. Keep it out from the reach of kids otherwise, it may harm to children.
  • Its cynical use by robbers for criminal activities is common in the country.
  • It is usually more costly than a conventional knife.
  • Its careless use may lead to a painful experience.
  • Always keep it in the locked position when in the pocket because in open position this can result into some injury to the personnel.

Why should you buy it, and not others?

In the market, many products are available with the same features, but the Victorinox is very well known in this field. This company was founded in 1984, and it is very popular for such kind of products. The Victorinox Cadet is a high quality knife made up of stainless steel so can be your lifetime companion. This product can be bought in many available colours and shapes so you can choose any kind, which you find attractive. The quality assuring criteria of this company is very strict. Every product has to pass some quality tests before entering the market.

Bottom Line

For the persons who need a slim and flexible tools in a single set, Victorinox Cadet is the best option to be considered. The purpose of the review is to highlighting one of the most outstanding Swiss army knives. You can enhance the awareness in the people about this important product. However, this product should always be used in a positive way.