Reputation Management: What Is It and What Does It Mean for Your Dental Clinic?

Reputation management is defined as the use of appropriate strategies to improve, influence, and make the perception of business more positive and accurate. This strategy generally includes the monitoring of all the feedback about your business and taking all the necessary steps to gather more people to promote and champion your brand.

It does not matter if your business operation is purely online, offline, or a combination of both. A reliable reputation management software can help you achieve all these goals for your business.

Reputation management: Why is it crucial?

If you are running a dental clinic, coming up with a strategy to get more patients to visit your clinic and try your dental services will require understanding the needs of your target patients. If your current efforts are not giving you the desired numbers, any of these scenarios might be happening in your clinic:

  • An overall low rating or an overwhelming amount of negative customer feedback: If your prospective patients see waves of negative reviews, it is enough to convince them to avoid you, ending in lower revenues for your business. If you consistently get low ratings among your customers, this can mean that your clinic can be quickly passed on in favor of other dental clinics.
  • Low online conversion rate: Your online conversion rating is one of the critical metrics of an online brand. If you have a low conversion rate, this means that you miss out on additional exposure and new customers.
  • Negative sentiment among customers: If your online audience always reads negative adjectives like “disgusting,” “terrible,” or “bad,” in your reviews, it can paint your clinic or brand in a negative light.

If you encounter any or all of these scenarios, it does not mean that you need to close your clinic soon. These, however, point that you need to do something about your online reputation. Fortunately, some tools and strategies can change the way your target market and your stakeholders view your business.

What can a reputation management software do for you?

The best thing this software can do for you and your clinic is to reverse all negative feedback and paint your business in a positive light. With the use of some proven and effective reputation management strategies, your business can get its groove back in no time.

Reputation management techniques

As you already know, there is no sole reputation management strategy that applies to all businesses. Instead, you need to take advantage of the varied strategies to ensure you have the upper hand in controlling your business reputation.

Your software will help you respond and engage with your customers.

Most customers write reviews about a brand or product to let their opinions be heard and make sure that the concerned business responds to them. With the help of your reputation management tool, you can keep track of these reviews and reply to them promptly. Your quick and earnest response will show your customers that you care about them in as much as you care about your online reputation. They are also assured that the feedback they provided to you will be used to improve your service.

Respond in a timely manner.

Research revealsthat more than customers expect a company to respond within 12 hours. And if it takes you a week to respond, you are immediately tagged as unresponsive. If, however, you respond to them within one to two hours or earlier, it can yield better results. It tells your customers that you value their time and business. Getting back to them also tells them that you got the message, and you are doing everything you can to get their issues resolved.

If you are running a dental clinic, and these reputation management strategies are institutionalized along with reliable software, your growth, conversation rate, and bottom line will thrive in no time.