Questions to Ask Before Your Cataract Surgery

A cataract occurs when your vision becomes cloudy, and your vision partially becomes blocked. It is essential to remove the cataract from your lens to improve your vision. Although you might become nervous before the cataract surgery, and that’s when you should have your doubts cleared.

Always ask your doctor the questions related to the procedure to relieve any anxiety you are going through. Surgery by specialists like Personal Eyes Cataract Surgery will clear all your doubts before the procedure.

Following are the questions that you should ask your doctor before your cataract surgery.

What Is the Difference Between Traditional Surgery and Laser Surgery?

It is essential to understand the difference between the traditional and the modern cataract procedures from your doctor. In conventional techniques, a blade was used to make a small incision on the side of your cornea, and a probe was inserted to induce a process called phacoemulsification.

However, the advanced laser uses a femtosecond laser for cataract surgery. A computer controls this form of surgery to ensure precision and safety over traditional surgery procedures.

What Type of Lens Should You Choose?

After removing the cloudy lens, there are various types of lenses you can choose for implants. They are referred to as Intraocular lenses (IOL). There are three types of lenses – monofocal, multifocal, and accommodative.

Monofocal lenses are most commonly used for adjusting the distance of the near, intermediate, and far off objects. You can wear a glass while reading or driving. On the other hand, multifocal lenses are used for distant vision. These are mostly suggested if you are going for both the eyes.

Accommodative lenses are the most recently introduced type. They can adjust to any distance vision but are generally less visioned for near objects when compared to the other lenses.

What is The Cost of the Surgery?

The surgery cost will primarily depend on your choice of lens and your choice among the different kinds of procedures. One important factor that affects the cost is how much your insurance will cover the surgery.

Generally, only monofocal IOL’s are covered by your insurance. The multifocal lenses are not. Advanced laser-assisted cataract surgeries are also not typically covered by the insurance. You should review your Insurance policy for your options.

Will You Need Glasses After the Surgery?

This question can be properly answered by your doctor. Before the surgery and the lens implanted after the surgery, your vision would be the factors constituting the answer. Generally, you would need glasses after the surgery if you have implanted monofocal or accommodative lenses. In other cases, the doctor might recommend you not to wear glasses.

Who Will Perform the Surgery?

This is the most important question that bothers you before cataract surgery. You should derive full information on the surgeon’s qualifications and the successful surgeries he has performed in the past. It would help if you also enquired about your eye clinic and their services. For your peace of mind, you can make frequent visits to the doctor for a personal touch.

Surgery Professionals like Personal Eyes cataract surgery professionals are skilled in their services. You should wisely choose your cataract surgeon and clear all your doubts before the surgery.