Preparing For Menopause: What Women Need To Know

Women often dread the word “menopause.” As soon as they reach their late 40s, most of these women already expect to miss their monthly period gradually until it stops completely. But aside from saying goodbye to their childbearing age, they must also prepare themselves to feel several discomforts and inconveniences due to the changes made by menopause. Since their bodies produce less progesterone and estrogen, they would experience various symptoms like mood swings, vaginal dryness, headaches, and hot flashes. Because of this, many women look for a natural menopause solution to lessen the uneasy feeling.

To fully understand what menopause can do to a woman’s body and prepare yourself when your time comes, here are several facts that you need to know.

Fact #1: What Age Will Menopause Hit Me? 

There is no specific age when women would finally stop having their periods. But on the average, the first signs of menopause begins at the age of 45 to 55 when they start missing their monthly menstrual flow for months. Science also suggests that the average age of women who began dealing with menopause is 51 years old. While it can be challenging to determine when a female will start her menopause period, several studies suggest that it can be classified using their genetic composition. Their lifestyle can also tell if they will have early menopause, which means that smoking or going through chemotherapy can speed up the process and make you deal with it earlier than the others.

Fact #2: What Are The Effects Of Menopause In My Bones? 

Since there will be a decline in estrogen production once you start your menopause phase, the amount of calcium that your bones can store will drop as well. It will cause a decrease in your bone density significantly. As a result, you will become more prone to bone conditions like osteoporosis. You may also become more prone to bone fractures in the spine, hips, and other parts of the body. Fortunately, you can avoid this by eating foods rich in calcium like kale, spinach, and collard green and dairy products. It will also help if you consume vitamin D supplements for faster calcium absorption.

Fact #3: Can I Use Hormone Replacement To Deal With My Menopausal Problems? 

The FDA approved some hormone replacement therapies to alleviate some menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. However, these synthetic treatments can cause several side effects. It would be ideal to talk to a medical expert before you start any hormone replacement therapy for menopause. You can try a natural menopause solution to make sure that your body will not experience any adverse effects due to these treatments.

Fact #4: Are There Any Natural Remedies For Menopause That Works?

There are plenty of natural and organic ways to prevent the inconveniences caused by menopause in a woman’s body. These treatments are safer than taking synthetic hormone therapies. Some of the natural solutions to menopause problems that you can find in your kitchen cupboard include green tea to help you retain a sharp memory. You may also take vitamin E and flaxseed oil combination for vaginal dryness and soy and red clover to reduce bad cholesterol. If you have the time, you may also try acupuncture sessions to lessen hot flashes.

Dealing with menopause symptoms can be challenging. But if you know what to do with it can help make your life during your menopausal stage more manageable. Since menopause is one of the most natural stages in the life cycle of a woman, you need to make sure that you have prepared for it so you will not suffer from the problematic symptoms when you reach this stage of your life.