Precautions to take after Lockdown

Lockdown has been relaxed. People have started to venture out. Public transportation has resumed and offices are letting employees in. Everything is gradually returning to normal. However, remember that the virus has not been eradicated. Moreover, you will have to be more cautious than ever before after the lockdown lift.

The government has taken various precautions to avoid the spread of the virus. It has made a strict rule to wear masks, social distancing is a must and even in public transports, only one person per row is allowed to sit.

Offices are even more cautious with their employees and customers. Temperature tests are taken every day before letting anyone in. A temperature screening kiosk is used to screen people. This ensures that there is no chance for physical contact.

Many workplaces have adopted temperature screening kiosks to reduce any risk through physical screening. This is more hygienic when compared to the thermometers.

When the government and the corporates are taking extreme measures to protect people, it is the people who have to adhere to the guidelines provided and obey it for their well being.

Below are some of the precautions all of us need to follow to remain safe in the unlock period:

1. Avoid mass gatherings

All the restrictions have been lifted. You are now free to go anywhere you want. However, it would be advisable to avoid mass gatherings like weddings, temples, and parties. You can also avoid being in a group of more than 4 people.

Even in offices, make sure that you stick to the rules formulated by the officials. Avoid gathering in the assembly area or the cafeteria. It would be safe for you to avoid any group or gatherings until the coronavirus cases deplete.

2. Make sure to use sanitizer and mask whenever you are out

Never forget to wear a mask while stepping out. You can also wear gloves for extra safety. But remember to wash the gloves as soon as you reach the office or come back home.

Carry a sanitizer along with you always and sanitize your hand from time to time. Upon reaching the office (or home) clean your hands with soap and water.

3. Use your vehicle

Avoid taking public transport as much as possible. Use your vehicle to commute. However, you should be cautious with your vehicle.

Clean and sanitize your vehicle from time to time (daily, if possible). Wash the most vulnerable parts like the door handle, steering, seats, and windows with car wash liquid. Buy a spray sanitizer to keep your vehicle sanitized and fresh always.

Remember to go out only when needed. Stay inside as much as possible. Only take your vehicle if it is extremely important. In this way, you can lower down your risk of getting infected.

4. Follow social distancing everywhere

The only way to safeguard ourselves is via social distancing. Always keep a 3 ft distance wherever you go. Take up your vehicle as much as possible, if not avail for public transport with utmost precaution.

Never remove your mask, and talk very minimal. If you are using public transport, make sure to wear rubber gloves for extra protection. Right now, it is better to book a taxi than to take public transport. Do not compromise on your health for anything. Choose your safety over money and comfort.

5. Use online services

Fortunately, we live in a digital world where everything is available at our doorsteps. Make use of online services as much as possible to get all your necessities.

It is riskless and comfortable. When you go out to buy something, you come in contact with many people and the risk of getting infected is higher. But that is not the case with online services. Using online services is the best way to stay safe.

6. Maintain hygiene in public

Do not sneeze or cough openly in public. The reason for the spike of coronavirus cases is due to the droplets from cough and sneeze. Therefore, please maintain respiratory hygiene while sneezing or coughing.

Always cover your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing. You can also sneeze in your folded arm if you have no tissue in hand.

These are some of the important precautions to follow to stay safe and protect ourselves from the infection. Ensure that you follow all the rules and regulations strictly. Do not bypass the rules and do something silly.

Consume healthy foods and please do take a test if you have any symptoms. Remember, coronavirus does not only affect you, it infects every single person who comes in contact with you.