Portable Buildings and Storage Buying Guide

When it comes to needing storage for your business or even your personal storage space, there are many avenues you could go. Sure, you could fit everything possibly in a friend’s garage, but there’s always the risk that you won’t be able to get it later. The same goes with storage units. And what’s worse, you have to pay for storage units, so you can end up spending way more than you really needed to spend. That’s where shipping containers and storage boxes came into play.

On other avenues, if you’re needing a portable office space (like many contractors and construction supervisors do), it can cost a fortune to have one custom built for you out of raw materials like siding, the lumber, and more. Fortunately, the same option as above can apply and you can get small buildings or build them from shipping containers for a very low price.
We’re going to give you some insight into how to purchase your shipping container in this portable buildings and storage buying guide.

What Are You Going to Need it for?

This determination will also help you figure out what kind of container you need to purchase. If you’re just using it for materials, you don’t need to spend the extra on a brand-new container (unless you absolutely want to), or even a wind and water tight one. However, if you plan on just converting it into a portable building or storage space, you might want to consider getting one of these for your needs.

If you’re wanting a container for portable storage at your own home, you may want to ensure that it is water tight, otherwise just a used one will work if you don’t mind spending the extra time making sure that everything is sealed (that leaves you responsible for things like sealant, and more). Not only that, but if you don’t want to pay for the entire thing up front, Shipped.com and a few other sites have rent to own options.

Find Out What Type You’re Going to Need

When it comes to shipping containers and where to buy a shipping container, you need to know what kind you are looking for. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for damaged containers, most shipping container sites like Shipping Container Sale won’t offer these, as they only handle quality products for your needs.
You need to figure out what grade you need, as well as what type, the length, and figure out things like what kind of doors you’re going to need. You might want to pick a new container, or if you’re needing a used one, pick from a CWO, a WWT container which is wind and water tight as well.


Once you’ve selected your product, you may want some extra amenities. One thing you can do is get a CSC Inspection and recertification if your shipping container isn’t there. Another thing you can do is get a swivel caster wheel. And most importantly, how are you going to lock your shipping containers? Do you favor twist locks, pad locks, or regular bar locks? You need to think about these options so you can keep your space tight and secure.