Most Popular Asian Dating Websites – 2021 Review

Dating sites are a dime a dozen, and in 2021, there is no difference on where you can find the best one. In case anyone’s wondering, Asians have a hard time finding their right mate, because many times in their culture they must remain with those of their similar heritage. Does this mean that they are racist? Absolutely not. It’s just simply their cultural practices. That’s why it’s important to know what ones are the best. We’ve compiled a small list of some of the most popular Asian dating site reviews in order to educate you on the best way to find that soulmate.


This website has millions of users and has probably the most Asian women as far as users go. However, many western men have been using this site more and more in the past in order to find their loved ones. They state that Asian women are prone to like meeting up with Western and American men (from many military stories out there, it’s supposedly true though!). For men, you can join, but as the women have a free account, men have to pay in order to use it to talk to them, as with many popular dating sites.


FilipinoCupid is a website that the women on the site like meeting western men, but that’s not always true. There are just as many Asian men on the site as well seeking to find their loved ones as well as just to hook up with them. The website advises you to take things slow when you speak to each other of course, because it is an online environment after all.


ThaiCupid is like the same above, but it is compared to the Asian version of for the eastern cultured woman. When it comes to finding someone whether they are of western decent, or even someone who’s also Asian, there are plenty of memberships on ThaiCupid and you can look at these sites easily. You may be advised and take mental note of this though – when you sign up that you need to stay clear of Pattaya or Phuket. These two cities are not only most often tourist traps, but they’re also very well known for trafficking rings and “accidents”. For the men, it’s advisable that you may end up being asked for money, and while you’ll want to report them, it’s not the gentlemanly thing to do. They’re just asking because they probably are truly needing the money, but it’s not your job to pay their way. Delete your conversation and move forward.


While many places advertise these common dating sites as ways for western men to meet women, it’s also a very prominent place for men of the eastern culture to find their mates. The world is full of lonely people, and it’s a medically and psychologically proven fact that misery loves company, and who doesn’t love company when they’re lonely? In this essence, these sites are an excellent way to broaden your horizons and be able to find someone fresh and new you can talk to.