How To Plan Camping Do’s And Don’ts

No matter what you do in your life and how old you are but you will always feel good thinking about camping in the middle of the scenic view. Camping is for those people who want to get disconnected from their lives a bit and spend some quality time in nature. Well, there are things to do before going to camping as the better-organized camping will lead you more adventure. Here are some tips for you to do before going to camping and that will surely help you in coping up things.

Make somebody leader

How To Plan Camping Do’s And Don’tThis may sound trivial but when it comes to real adventure in a short span of time then you just need somebody to take decision and others to follow those decisions. A good thing about having a leader in your group is that that person will be the final authority to solve matters and take decisions. The person you are appointing as a leader must be patient and should listen to everyone. Not to mention that the same person should have guts to defend his own decisions based on logic. If you start camping or any other outside adventures without a leader you will feel difficulty.

Decide the best campsite

There are certain things and differences in every campsite and you will not feel the same all the time. That totally depends on you which sort of environment you want to create in your campsite, whether it should be highly secluded or it must have some facilities. There is a tradeoff between going all natural and wild campsite and the one more close to your hotel room with all the modern day technologies and facilities. Most of the people prefer seclusion and that is the reason why they fix their camp away from the main campsite.

What to eat?

How To Plan Camping Do’s And Don’tMost of the people don’t go camping too often and they don’t know what to eat while camping. Well, the answer is not that much straight forward as there could be so many different things in your meal. That being said there is one more caution as if you are just going for camping then you can rely on a regular diet but if you have planned to do hiking alongside with camping then you must take energetic diet and fluids too. Don’t forget to buy camping cooking equipment before planning a trip.

Add some details in your plan

Camping is not the thing which you will be doing all day and night but there are some other activities as well associated with camping. Activities like hiking or boating if there is some lake nearby. You need to pin down some details about your plan and organize it on a daily basis. Mark the day as day 1 when you start your plan and there you can write things you would do on that day. Likewise, you can follow this rule and fill out the routine for each and every day.

Most Important “Packing”

This is the most crucial part of your whole trip as if you miss anything important here you will pay for it later. You need to make a very clear list about each and everything you are taking with you. First of all, make a list of things needed while camping and then you can see how many items are available. After packing and noting it down in a list take that list with you as you will be in need of that.

Important things to carry

Well there could be a long list of items which could be necessary and it varies from person to person but we will tell you some of the most important things. Swiss knife could be a handy tool not only for camping but also in routine life but the importance of Swiss knife becomes enormous while going out for camping. Antiseptic wipes, first aid kit, sunscreen, and insect repellent are all important yet forgettable things you need.

Talk to experienced people

It is better to discuss with some experienced persons what to do while planning for camping. That will not only help you out in planning but when you will go there you will feel good as well. Talking those people about their experiences may enlighten you and you will be able to avoid mistakes which they have made on their camping trips.

Divide responsibilities

There is no doubt that camping is a group activity and it is more than merely an adventure as it teaches you how to work well as a team. If you are a team then there will be some responsibilities divided amongst you too. You need to give tasks to each and every person before starting the trip as some of the tasks will have to be done before camping and of course, many of the tasks will be due while camping. Keeping in view this context each and every member of your team will be ready to do their duties.

Search for the best weather

Not all the camping sites can be accessed throughout the year and this is where you will have to do some effort. But nowadays everything is available on the internet so you just need to do a few clicks and information about the best weather to visit that camping site will be there. Try to make sure that you do camping on the suggested weather unless you are core adventurer.


Having read all those tips still there is no substitute for experience and you will learn a lot as you often go camping. Try not to repeat the same mistakes which you have done on your previous trips and that will automatically improve your camping skills.