Optometrists in North York: When Should You Get Your Eyes Checked

Just like Etobicoke and Scarborough, North York was formed from independent communities in the northern part of old Toronto. The city is a suburban mix of wealth, technology, and entertainment. Tourists and locals love the city’s museums, shopping centers, and scenic spots.

These are not the only things that stand out when you talk about North York. The city is also home to seasoned and reliable optometrists. When you look over the net for optometrists in North York Toronto, you will be directed to a long list of eye doctors who have been in professional practice for a very long time.

Most of the time, people disregard any discomfort they feel with their eyes. They only visit their eye doctor when the level of pain is already intolerable. It is okay if, after the eye check-up, the doctor will only find minor problems. To prevent your eye problem from worsening, know when you should visit your optometrist.

You frequently experience a headache.

If you feel your head is always pounding, that is a sign to head over to your optometrist. You might need to undergo a routine eye check-up to pinpoint what causes the headache. You might have been staring at your gadgets or computer for too long. Or maybe, your eyes might be overly exposed to dim or excessively bright light. In these cases, your eye doctor might advise you to adjust the lighting on your workplace or to take an “eye break” every hour to rest your tired eyes.

In more severe cases, astigmatism, glaucoma, or long-sightedness might be the underlying cause of the recurring headache. An eye check-up is in order to determine which one applies in your case.

You got an eye infection.

Another reason you should look for optometrists in North York, Toronto is if you have an eye infection. This kind of disease can worsen very quickly, so see your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of this type of infection may include blurred vision, light sensitivity, eye discharge, pain, and redness. Sometimes, you might also feel like there is something stuck in your eyes. In any of these cases, your doctor might advise you to clear your eye with antibiotic drops.

You see floaters and bright flashes.

Floaters are little dust pieces clouding your vision. These squiggly particles are vividly noticeable when you look at the sky or when you are staring on a white wall. You do not need to worry about floaters in small quantities. However, if you feel like they are increasing in number, and you can also see a shadow or flashing lights in your peripheral vision, get them checked. This might be a symptom of having your retina detached. A detached retina is a real eye emergency, so make sure you get treatment quickly. Otherwise, the condition can lead to blindness.

You should not wait before something serious should happen to your eyes. If you feel slight discomfort, or if you sense any abnormality in your vision, rush to your eye doctor. It is always good to get diagnosed and treated quickly. This way, you can avoid severe conditions like partial or total blindness. Not to forget, prevention will always be better than cure.