Moving to a new neighborhood? Here’s how you can break the ice!

We’ve all gone through a phase where we find it hard to make new friends. Be it a new school, dorm room, or neighborhood. But times have changed. Today even introverts can find ways to be friends with their colleagues, neighbors, or batchmates.

In this article, we are going to talk about those who just moved into a new neighborhood and want to gel up with their new neighbors. With little effort and warm gestures, it’s just a piece of cake. If you have no idea where you can start, here are some tips for you that can help in breaking the ice.

Get-Set- Woah! You just got new friends!

Themed parties

What’s better than inviting your new peers into a housewarming party? Well, we suggest that you don’t go for a silent and quiet dinner/lunch. It’s an opportunity to show them your fun side, which can be done by throwing themed parties.

For example, suppose you just figured out that most of your neighbors love to enjoy the party with a bong or a pipe. Then you can opt for throwing a party that includes it. And do not worry, if you don’t know how to make a bong or pipe, it’s really not tough. With just a few internet lessons and practice sessions, you can easily master the art.

And in the stoning world, it is said, “When you offer a pipe/bong to fellow stoners, you are already friends.” You can also incorporate some booze and snacks, and your peers would love you for it and would definitely wait for your next party invitation.

Get involved in activities

It is easier to make friends when you are involved and participate in various activities. For this, you can talk to the committee members or whoever is in charge who can help you with it.

For example, you can volunteer to set up the homecoming dance by pitching in your creative ideas. This can help you converse with other volunteers and give them a chance to know about you.

Participating in your residential area’s social events, planning activities can help you meet and communicate with more people and get over your initial jitters.

Prepare snacks

Ooh, that’s the favorite part. Don’t you just love it when someone approaches your doorstep with a plate full of choco chip cookies? Well, probably your neighbors would also love to enjoy some doorstep snacks. Yes, you read that right. It’s time to dig up those grandma’s old cookbooks and prepare delicious snacks. You can go with choco-chip cookies, candies, or muffins. Make sure you offer them with a smile (not a creepy one) and ask them to try your delicious snacks.

If they’ll like it, they’ll definitely come to you to share the recipe. That’s how your cooking skills helped you make some friends instantly.

The bottom line is,

No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to please everybody. But with these tips mentioned above, you can easily become the hero or favorite person of the neighborhood. Remember not to try so hard. Otherwise, you might end up being a creep nobody wants to talk to. So, make friends but don’t cross that fine line!