6 Keys to Running Healthy

Most of us always wish to look more energetic and athletic, so for this it is necessary to work out and run some miles on daily basis. But one must consider safety while running because it can cause some serious injuries as well. A person must have complete knowledge that how he can have proper workout to make it effective as well as safe for himself. So for proper workout you can watch videos on YouTube, make workout schedule, know your body requirements, and stay focus.

One must know that a smart work out is better than crazy workout. So do you wish to stay safe and avoid injuries while running? As there are so many reasons of getting serious injuries while running, one should follow these tips to avoid any possible incident.

Key #1: Avoid the Terrible Too’s

Keys to Running HealthyJust stay with the rule of life “Slow and steady wins the race”. Never try to rush in any aspect. Similar to normal life, running also requires more time and more commitment. If you have made a commitment to improving your health than it is necessary to show some patience. Never try to rush just give your body relaxation, so it will be easy for your body and muscles to adapt to the changes you are trying to make. You might have observed in your daily routine life when something sudden happens you shiver or panic for a moment because your body takes time to adapt to the sudden change. Just like this if you try to run too fast you might end up in falling badly on the ground which can cause a severe injury as well.

So, Do lesser never do too much workout, take time and don’t try to rush, because doing thing in the quick session is the major cause of serious injuries. In technical terms you can say that one must know to differentiate between time, speed and distance clearly if he wants to get effective outcome and give proper recovery time to his muscle to prevent himself from injury. A gradual increase in your running routine can set up a platform you. Just make a schedule for yourself like if you start with running for 5 miles for a week than in the next week you should try more and try to make it 6miles, and similarly you can increase like 7,8,9,10 miles in the coming weeks. But keep in mind that never put extra stress on your body and keep it cool and simple instead of aggressive workout.

Key #2: Listen to your Body

Your body always communicates with you, so always listen to your body to avoid the serious injuries. No doctor or mentor can know your body better than you. So while running keep in mind that never put too much stress on your body. Your body always warns you in the form of a muscular pain or something else, so don’t rush after it and never ignore such signs because it may become worst if you overlook such signs.

Key #3: Get Good Shoes

Keys to Running HealthyShoes companies follow different standards before making shoes but they might not be perfect for you. There are shoes of different size and style but you never know what can fit you best. In running, a proper shoe can always make a big difference and if you don’t have proper shoes than it can never be very effective and may cause pain or injury. This is very important in running tips because your body anatomy is unique from other people and one can never have 100% perfect shoe design for himself, but here the point is to find the shoe that can reduce the injury risk.

People mostly buy shoes because they are good in appearance or they are the cheapest, but these should never be the criteria for a runner to select a shoe. Also, it is necessary for you to replace the shoes for some short interval of time, for that you must properly follow the date of purchase or the usage of the shoe in miles so it will help you to replace the shoe on its time. Also before buying any shoe you must visit different shoe stores and tell them the purpose that why you want to buy these shoe, in this way they can guide you properly and will find the perfect piece that suit you best for running.

Key #4: Take Good Notes

Most of the energetic people who are fond of running to improve their physical health, they always take notes. One must wrote his daily workout and study about his routine workout, because this will keep his involvement in the activity and will motivate him to make improvement.  Write down that how much workout you made, how is the progress going, how you feel i.e. is it only relax your body or it relax your mind after daily stress life. For motivation one can also visualize the change in body this might motivates a person to make even better efforts. Along with these you can also note down the weather conditions, your diet, running time, route, hurdles, nature beauty etc.

Key #5: Cross Train

Keys to Running HealthyThis is very important because it is natural that people get bore after sometimes from the things they tries to adapt too much. So instead of sticking on the one point and focusing on one thing, a person need to give rest to his daily routine and try to get involve in some other similar activity like playing football, swimming, squash, cycling, hiking etc. Cross training like this can also benefit you and by short break from workout will motivate you more when you turn back and you will start making efforts out of the box.

Key #6: Keep it Safe

No doubt cross training always benefits you but keep in mind that you don’t rush too much into other activities that might result in serious injury. So try to keep things safe and simple.


Running is very essential and beneficial for your health. But to do it properly you must follow these tips for your personal health and safety.