Key Points to Consider When Selecting Hotels for Off-Site Meetings

Meetings are an essential process for all organizations to discuss and share ideas, interact, and reach a collective decision on various matters. While conference calls and emails are another way of communicating with each other, it is not always as effective as meeting in person. There are just some matters and negotiations that are best dealt through meetings.

Meetings usually take place inside the normal office space. But some situations will warrant the need for off-site meetings. This is because companies may not have adequate room space to accommodate all attendees.

Office spaces may lack some amenities that are required to meet the needs of a productive and efficient meeting.

However, choosing the venue for a meeting is not that simple. Meeting planners usually choose between hotels, conference spaces, and restaurants. However, a survey shows that hotels are the top choice as venues for off-site meetings due to their proximity and relaxed environment. Choosing locations like the Hotel Meeting Room Rental Oakville can be a very productive way to hold a meeting.

There are vital things that must be considered before booking a rental. Meeting planners may get distracted by minor details and overlook something critical.

Location and accessibility. The first thing meeting planners need to consider is the location and availability of the venue. For local meetings or events, planners should consider booking spaces like Hotel Meeting Room Rental Oakville, which is closest to their office in order to encourage attendance and reduce latecomers.

Accommodation Inns may be the perfect choice for most since it is located near downtown Oakville. The parking space should also be considered, primarily if a large group of people will attend the meeting. If parking space is inadequate, then a nearby parking space should be reserved. Booking a shuttle bus to transport employees from the office to the venue is also another choice that you can consider.

Accommodation. The hotel meeting room’s space and ambiance must be suitable with the type of event and should accommodate all its attendees. Some hotels like Monte Carlo Inn can accommodate both small groups of eight to a larger group of 90 attendees. Meetings that require serious decisions should be held in a room with a professional ambiance and tone. If the purpose of the conference is to cultivate bonding and creativity in a team, then the room must give off a fun vibe.

Amenities. The amenities should be considered too. The location needs to have all the necessary equipment to carry out the meeting. Some essential things that meeting planners need to check are the projector, television, and microphone. Since off-site meetings usually last the whole day, it’s also essential to consider if the facility offers food and beverages and whether it accommodates special dietary requests.

Rental cost. The last thing that should be considered is the actual meeting room rental cost. Meeting planners need to find out the hidden event planning costs such as energy fees, setup and strike fees, service fees, and taxes. Check whether there are packages available and what services and amenities are included in the packages.


Careful planning and considerations are necessary to achieve a successful, productive, and efficient meeting. If everything is well planned out, this could be the key to a company’s success.