Ice Fish Like a Pro Even If You Are A Beginner

For the uninitiated, as the name suggests, ice fishing is the technique of fishing from an opening in ice or a frozen body of water. For this, fishing rods, lines, hooks, and spears are actively used. Ice fishermen do this in either open or heated enclosures called ice-shacks. It is done wearing super warm clothing as ice fishing can sometimes take prolonged hours on the ice sheets, and thus it becomes even more important to stay protected against ice winds and frostbites.

Also, having the right gear in clothing also matters a lot as it is super important to stay. Ice Fishing could be done by experienced and rookies alike. If you have been thinking of getting started this year, keeping these ideas in mind will help you hone up your skills a bit more.

Getting the lures right

Once you have the rods settled, you also need to look for the right lures. Be it either a bladed jig or a plastic bait, as seen on They are really useful for their color, vibrations, and movement to attract the fish. This helps in catching the fish with a lot of ease.

Making the right selection about Rod Action

It is very unlikely for anyone to sit alertly throughout the fishing time, holding tight onto the rods. So, it becomes vital to detect the smallest nibble and tug on your lure to set the hook and get to fishing quickly.

Hence, it is important to have the right rod action and the rod itself to catch the fish quickly. For ultra-fast or fast action, pick out the rods that only bend at the tip. If you are going in for a medium action, in that case, the rods bending to the middle of the blank will work out perfectly fine. Rods bending towards the handle are the right fit for slow action.

The mechanism involved in the bending of a slow-action rod allows the fish to pull the line an inch or two before you feel it. Allowing this to happen, especially in ice fishing, increases the chances for the fish to escape with the bait, evading the hook.

Thus, fast-action rods are considered the right fit for fishing as they alert the fisher for every single nibble, and the rod is strong enough to trap any large-sized fish. The way to choose the rod is to see how it flexes. It will help you to get an idea of determining the reaction of the rod to a nibbler.

Invest in Ice Fishing Electronics

It is a really good idea to invest in good quality and highly effective ice fishing electronics. A sonar device helps you gauge the depth of the surface and gives you insights into the bottom depth.

It also goes a long way to let you locate the drop-offs, holes, and humps that can concentrate the fish in winters. Also, ice fishing electronics are very useful in finding hard and soft bottom areas and to know the important transition zones between them.


There you go. These are some of the best ideas that even the professionals swear by. We wish you all good luck in getting started with ice fishing this season.