How To Play Golf?

Patience, skills, mental toughness and what, not these are the things required if you want to become a successful golfer. Golf is very unique in its nature as you have the right time in this sport to make your decisions. Yet if you don’t consider everything correctly you end up messing the whole thing. There is no doubt that every champion was once a beginner but you should not forget they have worked really hard to get themselves out of this beginner tag to the champions. Things are there which you should consider if you really want to become a professional golfer and right now you are going to read some of the most basic techniques or tips if considered properly can take you to the new heights. Let’s read them.

Club Matters

This is the thing which you will hear from every other golfer. The club has got more than what you really think. So deciding the right club for every shot is a tricky thing itself and many players even experienced ones do the mistake of taking the shot with a wrong club. There is one general rule choosing the right club is that it is all about the distance to the hole. If you are going for a long distance then there must be a long club that has to be used and vice a versa.

Aiming the hole

This is something which you will master by spending time on the field but there are of course ways to improve how to aim the hole. Before even taking the stance you should have a clear look at what you are targeting for. A good practice is to create different angles from all the sides which you think should be analyzed before the swing. Once you are fully aware of your target then it actually gets a lot easier to make the final call. Take the shot based on your analyzed situation rather than on the spot judgment.

Stand firm

There are not so many sports around the world where the stance is important as it is in golf. Your whole career can be ruined if you are unable to take a comfortable and right stance for every different shot you take. One simple way to have a proper stance is to stay firm when you are just about to swing the club. One more important thing is that stance becomes more critical when you are aiming for a long distance hole. Every top class player has their own stance and that’s what makes them world class.

It’s all about Grip

After the stance and analyzing your target there is one far important thing which you have to take care of, that is the grip. There are so many different ways to hold the club and mind you that outer factors may affect the grip you have been used to. The grip should be firm at times especially for the long distance holes as it needs power as well. The bottom hand should be tightly holding the club as this is going to give you some extra advantage. The position of fingers and thumbs may vary from player to player but you should not be bothered to try different grips in practice.

Crucial “Wind”

No matter how good golfer you are there is some point on the field you may have to counter factors which you might not have practiced or faced before. Wind is one of the things which you should really care about. The direction of the wind changes the whole perspective of the shot and if you are a good player then you must know that you have to make certain changes to adjust accordingly. To know how to take advantage of wind is really an art and one should really understand this as soon as possible.

Look for the better position

There are things which may worry many players as they take on the long distance holes. Well, there is once in a blue moon that somebody just hits the long distance hole in a single shot. What’s important here is that you need not only to go close enough but also you need to end up on the higher side of the hole. If you keep hitting the ball on the lower side of the hole then that will create a lot of problems for you to put it in a hole.

Practice makes the difference

Many golfers don’t like to practice at all but there is no denying the fact that you will get better as you keep practicing. Great thing is that you can try different things in practice session so that you know yourself better. Going for different techniques, grip and stance altogether will come to help you when the real game is on. So practice it enough and you will see a clear difference.

Be ready for the difficult shots

Of course, hitting the ball from the lower side of the hole can be thought of as the most difficult shot. There are some other shots out there which can be really tricky at times. Like taking the shot from sand may put you in lots of trouble if you are not good at it. First of all, you always have to think about getting the ball near to the hole no matter what happens but that’s not enough. As you will have to face sand shots for sure so it is better to be prepared yourself for the worst situation.


No matter how good become there is always a tendency of improving and that is really the key. Becoming a good golfer or good at any other sports needs dedication to your goal. One thing is for sure that hard work beats the talent if talent does not work hard, suffice it to say.