How to Make Your Brewpub Stand out in a Crowded Marketplace

Do you own your own brewpub that you were hoping would enjoy more success than it actually is? Do you find you’re just not attracting the level of customers that you had hoped for, and the brewpub isn’t exactly becoming the buzzworthy spot in town? While this could be the signal of many different things, it could be that you just need to focus on how your brewpub can stand out. Competition is something that you will deal with no matter the industry, but sometimes it can be much fiercer than in other industries.

If you’re questioning how you can make your brewpub stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace, these tips may be able to help.

Make Sure Your Menu is Enticing

The top thing to focus on is your offerings. What does your menu – both beverages and food – offer to customers? Is there anything unique? Does your brewpub have a specific brew it is well-known for? Why should customers dine and drink at your brewpub? These shouldn’t be especially easy and fast questions to answer, instead, you want to be sure you give it real thought.

Use Customized Beer Steins for a Unique Touch

Here’s a tip that can give you that fun and unique twist while also helping with your branding efforts. Custom ceramic beer steins are a great way to showcase your logo in a prominent way and offer customers a really fun and memorable way to enjoy a pint of beer. Your special order customized beer steins may even become so popular that customers will want to buy them to use at home.

Get On Social Media to Promote your Brewpub

Advertising and marketing campaigns are a big part of any business’s success and when done effectively it can help your brewpub to grow its customer base. While you can certainly use traditional forms of marketing such as radio ads, flyers, and mailers, the fact is that digital marketing has really taken over the game.

The best step you could take is to get the brewpub set up on social media so you can start posting deals, new products, upcoming menu items, promotions, and even testimonials. The idea is to get as much engagement on social media as possible so you can hopefully start trending. The more people who like, share, and comment on the brewpub’s posts, the more effective the online marketing campaign will be.

Give the Brewpub a Bit of a Makeover

Then there is the fact that sometimes all you need to do is refresh the look of the brewpub, jazz it up a bit, and make it more appealing to customers. This could include a new design, a different color palette, new and more comfortable furniture, and a more modern layout.

Get the Attention Your Brewpub Deserves

By using these tips, you may just be able to turn around those numbers and start getting the kind of attention and customer numbers that you had been hoping for.