How to Make Money from Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

Amazon is one of the greatest eCommerce platforms. It has emerged from an online bookselling store to an E-commerce giant in the last two decades. Back in 1998, nobody knew that it could turn that huge one day. Today, it has hundreds of thousands of sellers trading in thousands of items at a time. At the same time, millions of buyers are always there to buy from this platform. It offers huge opportunities to the sellers and buyers. One can make money cheaply by selling products at a low cost, while buyers have the luxury of buying items at a low price. It has made online shopping look like a useful option for both sellers and buyers. Money is being made and saved everyday on Amazon, which has urged entities to opt for affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is yet another way to make money from Amazon affiliate programs. It just requires making a productive effort to take advantage of this wonderful program. The selection of the right product at the right time can help you generate money through commissions. Olifant Digital can tell you more about how to make money through an affiliate program. Amazon associate program is wonderful but let’s discuss its pros and cons before actually knowing how to make money. 

Pros of Amazon Associate Program

Amazon offers a range of options to make money through its affiliate programs. Even a newbie can make a whole lot of income by selling as an associate. Some other benefits are listed below. 

  • Amazon is trustworthy and offers hundreds of thousands of products for sale.
  • It is always free to join.
  • There is no subscription limit or traffic threshold to become eligible for the Amazon associate program. 
  • Amazon can help you sort products for selling. 
  • A good reporting system exists to help you know what is getting attention. 
  • You can receive payments directly into your bank. 
  • You can earn a commission even on indirect visits. 

Cons of Associate Program

Nothing is perfect around us, and Amazon is not an exception. The downsides of this program are depicted below. A good agency can surely help you properly comprehend all of the cons.

  • The commission rate is relatively low when we compare it with other referral programs. 
  • Amazon cookies only exist for 24 hours and fade away after that, so if a visitor buys after that, you will not get a commission. 
  • You cannot send referral links in emails. 
  • You cannot get anything if you are promoting products within the US, and a visitor buys it somewhere in Europe. 
  • Only a direct deposit option is available for people. 


Here are different ways you can adopt to promote your Amazon referral links. 

  • Blogging

It is the most commonly used way to make money through the Amazon affiliate program. Entities and people promote affiliate links by writing quality content. The articles and blogs usually constitute detailed information on a topic. The blog sites can be found in two forms, i.e., generalized and specific. The generalized sites offer content on a variety of topics covering a range of items/products. But specific sites deal with only one niche. The blog content usually deals with telling people how to buy products on Amazon. For example, one can write a blog on buying a low-cost vacuum cleaner and direct a reader to Amazon. Similarly, a food blogger can promote the kitchen tools available for sale on Amazon. One can also write product reviews and can promote special offers to refer people to the platform. 

  • Social Media

Social media is home to billions of online users, and it offers a huge potential for the sellers. Social media can be used to extend the efforts made by writing blog posts. It can enhance the reach of your blog content by promoting it further among social media users. However, it is always good to share posts by clearly mentioning that the posts are affiliate links, and that may help readers digest the content easily. People do not just want to see promotions all the time and offering them something promotional incognito can spark rage. The idea is to make happy sales but not to annoy your followers. 

YouTube Videos

YouTube is another wonderful platform to help you do a bundle of good things. Just like blog posts, YouTube videos can be used to promote Amazon referral links. One can add more details into videos and can explain the product features in real-time to catch the eye of the viewer. Many buyers want to know more about a product before they actually go to a storefront. YouTube can certainly help potential buyers in deciding on the purchase. You can easily learn how to use the YouTube videos to promote your referral links. It will always be a good Amazon agency that can help you master your selling skills in a quick time. 

  • Lead Magnet and Email 

The notion of passive income is gaining more and more fame over time. People are developing a two-page website to entice visitors to subscribe to their email promotions for valuable information. Once subscribed, a visitor is taken to the second page that offers details about a referral product. 

  • Add Amazon Offers to Your Existing Online Store

A good way to promote Amazon referral links is by adding the product links on your existing online store. It will bring traffic to your online store and add value to the existing products. One can easily generate a side stream of income by adding Amazon offers on one’s website. Many websites are also offering valuable options for affiliate marketers. One can know more by visiting the website. 

All of the above-described tools can prove productive in promoting referral links. One can surely make money once links get promoted, and people start making purchases through those links.