How to Create a Reading Nook for Kids

There is nothing more satisfying for parents than their children’s love for books. In this era of technology taking over and replacing everything – from alarm clocks to calendars – if your child loves to read books, you should be proud. Books instill vivid imaginative powers in kids. Instead of painting the imaginative world for them, books tend to lead little minds into creating their own unique fairytale that forms the basis for creativity and intelligence. 

The habit of reading books also provides an imperative joy of parenthood, i.e., getting to snuggle with your little ones and read with them. It does not matter if the books only consist of big bright pictures and animal sounds – this activity itself provides the greatest moments of your life as parents. 

Encouraging this Habit 

Of the numerous impactful things you can do for your kids, instilling and promoting reading habits is important. If you see your child engrossed in a book, let him/her be. Make room for more books in the house. You can also keep favorite books of your child as reinforcements for good behaviors. Every family trip to the store or other essential chore can also include a trip to the bookstore. These steps will create an atmosphere that fosters reading habits in children. 

However, another most important step towards promoting this good habit in your children is to give them a dedicated space for their reading time. For example, a comfortable couch or seating of any kind with your kid’s favorite pictures hanging in the background. Or a tent with little fairy lights to create a magical space for the little ones to love reading more is what you can do.

Confused? Well, don’t be. This article is the right place for you if you want to create a reading nook for your kids. The best thing about this nook is that you can spend hours there with your children and make countless memories to cherish. 

How to Create a Reading Nook for Kids?

Not everybody is cut out to DIY furniture and flooring. If you cannot DIY anything in the following steps, just head to the nearest local hardware store and grab anything you think can work out for you. 

1. Picking up a Spot 

It is the first step for creating thousands of memories with your children. Pick a spot to start putting together an awesome reading nook. Do you have a long hallway with an end that is mostly dark and seldom used? Does your child’s bedroom have a little nook that is usually stuffed with toys and unused items? Do you have a beautiful closet that is rarely used and remains empty? 


If you said yes to any of these silently in your head, then voila! You have chosen a spot. It can be a narrow end in your living room where no chair or sofa fits. It can also be created in the attic if you transform it completely. The best option is to choose a space that is well-lit by natural lighting. Also, this spot you are looking for does not necessarily have to be inside. For warm days, your kids can do a lot of reading outside on the lawn with tents and comfortable seating while soaking up the sun. 

Once you are done with finalizing the space, it is time for some shopping. Jot down the things you need, depending on the type of your chosen space and the design that suits you best. Gather all the items and start checking off books from your bucket list that you have always wanted. 

2.  Choose the Seating 

Choose the Seating 

Can you imagine spending time somewhere with uncomfortable seating? No! It is simply impossible. Similarly, if you want your kids to keep their heads buried in their favorite books, go for comfortable seating. You can find a ton of ideas on the internet – from comfy chairs to squishy pillows and from couches to floor seating. 

If you have chosen a spot near a window, be sure to lock it properly before setting up the seating. You can also get bean bags and prop numerous pillows around so that the place is cozy to snuggle and curl up with a book for hours. 

Moreover, a quick search of DIY ideas for kids’ couch or bed will give you plenty of ideas about what you want. You can also make a Pinterest board having all your inspo pictures. 

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3. Storage ideas 

The whole idea of creating a nook is to make the place comfy and lucrative for your kids to spend hours while reading. The next big thing you need to do to start the setup is to decide on a storage solution. Displaying all the books with their titles out in the front looks inviting. Also, as the nook is for kids, the storage solution you opt for should be the one they can easily reach. 

While big straw or plastic buckets might be good for storing toys, floating bookshelves at your kid’s height are best for the reading nook. They are easily reachable and display the books beautifully. 

4. Customize it 


Now that you have done a lot to make the reading nook comfy and inviting, the only thing left is making it unique and customizing it according to your kid’s interest. You can hang picture frames of your child’s favorite theme or add vinyl posters of animals or other characters. 

No matter how much you make the reading nook comfortable and cozy, the important thing is to make it lucrative enough for the kids. Setting up small tents for kids in the corner or near the window is a good and inviting idea. This becomes a little hideaway for the kids. 

5. Decorate It 

Adding fairy lights to the nook and decorating with illuminated stars is another excellent idea to spice up the place. Your kids can spend a dreamy starry night reading their favorite books under the stars and the fairy lights. Also, set the place with stuffed toys and animals to create the ideal place for the reading time. Placing name labels in this corner to customize it is also a good option to customize the place. 

Your Nook is Ready – Fill It Up with Books 

If you have made it till the last process, your kids’ nook is all good to go! You just need to fill it up with books and snuggle up with your kids to make the best of your time together. Keep adding more to your collection of books and keep discovering the magical world of books.