How to Configure Your Cabinets & Schrank Konfigurieren

If you’re wanting the best custom cabinets made for your home, sometimes you need to know how to properly configure them. This can be somewhat of a challenge, but if it’s done right, you can maximize your space, as well as give you some of the best and sturdy cabinetry. You also want your items in your cabinets to be stored properly, so that you have easy access to them. Who would’ve thought this much needed to go into actually getting new cabinets for your kitchen remodel? Well, here we’re going to give you some tips.

Don’t Unnecessary Cabinets

Believe it or not, there is something that’s becoming more beneficial, and at the same time more pleasing when you’re going to replace your cabinets. Try picking more lower cabinets and choose to replace the upper cabinets with windows so you have more natural light, but at the same time more privacy (since it’s hard to see into them), and you can get the amazing benefit of not having too many cabinets that are hard to reach when you need items from them.  Be sure to consider getting help from a great resource like this luxury remodeling DC area company.

Shallow Cabinets

Some cabinets are extremely deep. While this is great, it is a pain and quite annoying for most people when they need that one item in the back and have to remove everything just to get to it. You can actually decrease the depth of your cabinets and even make them more “built-in” which will give them a lot more efficiency and make the items much easier to reach, and still hold all of your necessities. Not only this, but it forces you to organize all of your goods.

Open Shelves are In

When it comes to excellent built-in cabinets, some people say don’t forget the cabinet doors, but the latest trend – you DO get rid of the cabinet drawers. By having open shelving, you have easy access to all of your dishes that you normally need. Try putting these near the sink to also make it easier when it comes to washing, drying, and putting up. Using items that you use frequently will help the cabinets not collect dust also.

Base Cabinet Drawers

Believe it or not, you can have everything you need and not have to stoop over if you use drawers instead of doors on your base cabinets. This helps when it comes to organizing things better as well, and they’re easier to conceal when you want to “make more room”.


The best cabinets that you can buy are actually best to have custom made, and in order to do so, you may be surprised, but many of them are actually imported rather than being made locally. With you can purchase custom cabinetry with their website wizard, in which you enter the exact dimensions based on numerous styles they offer (as we mentioned above), and then have the item made, fully assembled, and then delivered to your doorstep for your remodeling project to be completed. They are reasonably priced, and offer a full satisfaction guarantee.