How to Buy CBD Oil for Cats?

A while back, I was looking to help my 11-year-old feline Nanala deal with the stress of aging. She had begun to experience pain in her paws, which made it challenging for her to move around. I wasn’t keen on using painkillers such as NSAIDs for my cat, so I decided to get CBD oil. Laying hands on a quality product took quite a while since I had no idea of how to buy hemp products for pets. 

Using cannabis as an alternative treatment proved to be effective, and I will be letting you know how your pet, too, can benefit from it. You will also find some useful tips on finding the best feline CBD products in the market. 

Should You Use CBD for Cats?

I guess it is safe to say that since there is zero to low side effects from the responsible use of hemp in humans, it could also be safe for animals. There are many available resources to back the claims that both dogs and cats may benefit from the use of cannabis. From treating mild pain and inflammation to helping pets recover after surgery, cannabis has become an alternative form of veterinary medicine. 

It may be easier for you to decide whether or not to use if you had any insight into some of the benefits of cat cannabidiol, you can read up on some of them below. 

Help Deal with Pain 

You can use CBD for treating mild to severe pain in animals. It is useful in coping with injuries, and could also help with recuperating after a surgery. You can use a few drops on the affected site or give your cat hemp-infused edible, as it is equally as effective.  

Manage Arthritis and Joint Pain 

Your cat will also be able to deal better with joint pains associated with arthritis. Older felines especially suffer from bone-related diseases, which could be easily managed with the use of CBD. I noticed this firsthand, as Nanala could move around quickly after a few hours of treatment. It is also worth mentioning that it also improved energy levels, which lasted throughout the day. 

Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Many feline pops and mums know how anxious and stressed out cats get due to the slightest disturbances. A torrential downpour or storm could send a kitten panicking across the run. Other times, it could be they are just having a bad day. Whichever the case may be, you could surely provide a great deal of relief with CBD. 

How to Shop for the Best CBD Oil for Cats 

How to Shop for the Best CBD Oil for Cats

Now that you are aware of some of the benefits of cannabis for pets, you may be interested in finding the best option for your cat. Below are some tips to help you find the right brand 

Speak to your Vet 

Before considering alternative medicine for animals, you should speak with a veterinary specialist to guide you on the best way to go. They are best equipped to advise you on dosage and how to avoid any complications. 

Do your Research 

The chances are that you may not be familiar with the popular brands in the market, so you should research to find out what other pet owners are buying. It may be as simple as checking up on Google for the best CBD oil for pets. 

Online reviews are an excellent place to learn about the pros and cons of a particular product, and you can find a host of holistic pet blogs with such information. 

Check for THC Levels 

It is common for first-time users to confuse marijuana and hemp when the issue of cannabis arises. If you are in the market for pet CBD, you should know that it is best to go for products with THC levels of less than 0.3%. This is the minimum acceptable level for products containing hemp-derived CBD concentrates. So whether you are looking to buy tinctures or edibles, do ensure you double-check on the THC levels. You can check here for more about the difference between hemp and marijuana derived CBD. 

Dosage and Administration 

The best way to find out how much to use is to consult your vet. There is also the possibility that you can find the information on the product label. If not, a standard dose starts from 0.2 to 0.5mg/kg to be administered twice daily with meals.