How To Bike on Muddy Trails

Getting stuck in the mud may be a fear of yours, but you don’t have to worry about a little mud on the trail with the right bike, riding style and maintenance routine. Find out how you can prepare for a muddy ride without going over the limit or damaging your favorite bike. Shop for mens and womens bikes for sale that help you overcome obstacles and get more out of your adventure.

Choose the Right Gear

Just like cold weather or other seasonal factors, mud requires you to dress appropriately. Keep an eye on the temperature and wear clothing that keeps you comfortable. Mud can cool you down quickly, so a fall ride through a muddy trail can be a chilly experience. Don’t wear anything that might be stained, and consider a baggy jersey to keep it from clinging to your skin.

Ride Slow and Stay Calm

Now that you’re dressed for the part, it’s time to practice your riding skills. Similar to ice or snow, mud decreases your traction. Stay relaxed and expect slight drifting as your bike navigates muddy ruts and bumps. Don’t try to go too fast or hit the brakes too quickly, as both of these can cause you to lose control. Fat tire bikes are particularly useful when cruising through mud, but lightweight bikes for sale can still help you power across the trail.

Know When To Turn Around

Even the most advanced mountain bike can’t overcome every obstacle. Even city bikes can ride through slightly muddy trails, but deep holes, standing water and thick mud are best avoided. Know the limits of your bicycle and be prepared to stop if the trail becomes too difficult to navigate.

Look for alternative trails that are less extreme and may be better suited to riding. If you’re up against a relatively short section of standing water, consider dismounting and walking around it before continuing your commute or fun ride.

Maintain Your Cycle

Sailing over a mud puddle is an exhilarating experience. Hitting too many muddy patches, however, can be a recipe for a rusty frame and grinding gears. After splashing through puddles or navigating extreme mud patches, be sure to clean and maintain these key areas of your cycle:

  • Drivetrain
  • Frame
  • Brakes
  • Suspension

Use a soapy sponge, brush and a mild cleaner to wipe away all the contaminants. Mud is particularly damaging to bicycles because it combines moisture and grit and clings to your cycle. Once you thoroughly rinse off your ride, scrub away to remove any leftover residue. Rinse off all the soap and apply a coat of lube on the chain to keep it moving freely.

Enjoy Your Favorite Trails Year Round

You don’t need to retire your bike just because of a little rain and mud. If your summertime commuter isn’t standing up to the trails around your home, then shop for a womens or mens hybrid bike for sale. Compare prices, frame styles and other features online to enjoy the best option for your body type and your sense of two-wheeled adventure.