How Long For Tongkat Ali To Work

Tongkat Ali has been a part of the Southeast Asian medicine for centuries. It is a herbal remedy that has been used for treating fevers, erectile dysfunction, and infections. It is also widely used as a medicine for male sexual function enhancement. Tongkat Ali also has antimalarial properties.  In this article, you will get to know all the details of how Tongkat Ali works and how long it takes to work.

The Way Tongkat Ali works

Tongkat Ali concentrates on hormonal and sexual functions. ii It is a fascinating herb that enhances male testosterone bioavailability through four primary procedures, and, subsequently, diminishes the ramifications of aging on the male reproductive system.

Here is how it works in increasing testosterone levels in men:

  1. Assisting hormonal health and testosterone: Tongkat Ali Plus stimulates the secretion of LH (Luteinizing Hormones) that stimulates a group of cells in the testicles called the Leydig cells, and thus generates testosterone.
  2. Diminishing sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG)
  3. Decreasing aromatization, i.e. the translation of testosterone to estrogen
  4. Reducing the stress hormone that drops testosterone, i.e. cortisol

As a male ages, testosterone is attached to serum globulin and thus to the cell receptors sites making it scarce when sex-stimulating centers in the brain are to be instigated. Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is the part of the blood that turns free testosterone inactive. Surplus levels of estrogen can augment SHBG production and obstruct testosterone-receptor sites. The estrogen bar of an average 54-yr-old male is found to be higher than that of an average 59-yr-old female, which is surprising, to say the least. And although little estrogen is significant for men, excess levels result in weight gain, libido problems, and a broad range of health complications.

Estrogen and testosterone are pretty identical in chemical structures, which also tricks the brain and convinces it that testosterone is manufactured adequately. This, in turn, slows  the typical testosterone production down in the body.

For testosterone to have its positive effects on the body, it needs to remain in free form in the bloodstream. Attached testosterone cannot be picked up by testosterone receptors on the cell membranes. It’s advisable to subdue excess SHBG and estrogen levels for aging males whilst boosting free testosterone to bars of a young male. A natural method of enhancing bioavailable testosterone with decreasing estrogen and SHBG levels in aging men is Tongkat Ali. After numerous studies being conducted, the following areas witnessed positive effects:

  1. The transformation of testosterone to estrogen is minimized by the consumption of Tongkat Ali. It elevates the testosterone level.
  2. Improves erectile functions and strength without causing ill side effects.
  3. Enhances sperm quality and boosts androgen levels
  4. Increases energy and male fertility
  5. Naturally reduces the attached hormone globulin (SHGB)
  6. Helps to reduce weight
  7. Boosts strength by having an anabolic effect on muscle growth

The benefits of Tongkat Ali stem from its various compounds. It is considered as the safest and most effective herbal remedy for enhancing male testosterone levels.

Age and along with it, underlying hormonal deficits are decisive factors in Tongkat Ali dosage. The dosage of a 65-yr-old will have to be higher than that of a 35-yr-old; simple as that. Experimenting personally to figure out the perfect individual dosage is a decent way to figure out what dosage would work for you.

Tongkat Ali should be taken after a meal and over smaller periods whenever you need a stronger effect. Each person reacts to Tongkat Ali differently. A product dosage that’s fit for you may not be fit for someone else. Lower dosages can be taken daily.  Usually, it may take a week to notice the effects of it. Whereas, higher dosages convey more substantial effects on libido. It takes a shorter time frame, generally about 1-2 days for such dosages but it may be cycled.

A daily dose of 300 milligrams of Tongkat Ali was noted to be as safe as a placebo. Separate studies show that intake of up to 1.2 grams of Tongkat Ali extract every day is safe for adults although it hasn’t been used for research purposes. The safety of Tongkat Ali usage over longer periods isn’t certified safe as no experiments were conducted to examine its long term use.

The recommended usage of Tongkat Ali hasn’t established any negative side effects yet and is “Generally Regarded as Safe” (GRAS). However, one side effect could be a boost of metabolic body heat i.e. thermogenesis may be experienced and increased water intake is advised. Additionally, Tongkat Ali is not harmful to users who have underlying conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. Tongkat Ali has been manufactured to assist male hormonal and cardiovascular health.

Tongkat Ali is manufactured from well-prepared extracts. This is why it is completely free of lead and other notable heavy metals. Lead noticed in herbal products originates from soil contamination on the surface of the herb. However, manufacturers follow strict guidelines and procedures in producing Tongkat Ali. This ensures complete safety and prevention of any sort of contamination.

On the other hand, while examining the mercury levels of 100 Tongkat Ali supplements from Malaysia, 26% were found to have had mercury content beyond the safe limit. Taking mercury in notable amounts is likely to cause poisoning, followed by mood changes, motor skill issues, and memory problems, although such complications are a rarity.

Although the effects of Tongkat Ali in children and pregnant women haven’t been researched, non-pregnant adult women taking Tongkat Ali are reported to show enhanced libido and energy. The usual dosage for women is 25% of that of the dosage for men. The outcome of the experiments have been very encouraging. Dependent on the presence of testosterone, women’s libido can have significant improvements with the slightest of increase in testosterone because they are more sensitive to it than men. Tongkat Ali is also effective in menopausal women and contributes to manufacturing progesterone from the adrenal glands and ovaries.

Tongkat Ali has been known to safely enhance testosterone levels in both men and women.  The results are remarkable in improving sexual performance and energy levels.  The effects of this magic herb are also known to enhance sports performance because of its effects on muscles and strength.

Always consult a doctor before taking any supplement and always maintain a healthy recommended dose.