9 Habits of People Who Stay Fit

“The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure”. Most of us these days prefer to look physically strong and fit. But instead of traditional exercises, we try to work out in the gym and make efforts to look good. Although it is also a nice way to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle it is just one of the ways to do so. If someone really committed to staying fit and healthy than a 24/7 work out is necessary. It has been observed that people who adopt good habits stay more healthy and fit so one can simply alter his daily routine and take special measure during the day for his health.


It is a well-known fact that our mind always seems more active and fresh in the morning. No doubt it is always difficult for a person to set his routine of getting up early and it might look frustrating at the start. But believe me one can have several advantages if he wakes up early. It increases your mental ability which results in better decision making and hence improve your productivity in the company you are working in. Also, it improves to memorize things so it is also ideal for students to study in the morning instead of waking up late at night. Along with it improves the quality of your sleep and helps you to maintain the proper diet as well.


Habits of People Who Stay FitTo make a perfect and pleasing start of a day, eat the breakfast you like. An early breakfast can always make a difference for the rest of the day. Here a person can also take doctor’s advice that what food he should take in the breakfast to stay healthy and fit. A general recommendation is given as 25% Carbohydrates, 25% proteins, and 50% fruits and vegetables. For carbohydrates try yogurt, milk, butter, eggs etc., for proteins try toast, wheat bread etc. and take vegetables and fruits like banana, orange, pineapple, strawberries etc.


Habits of People Who Stay FitTo stay dehydrated and active you should not forget to take water after regular interval. No matters if you feel thirsty or not but you should take as much water as you can. It is the most needed thing your body demands. A person may look tired or of fatigue if he didn’t take water. A very best way to start your day at the workplace is by taking hot water with lemon it will surely add up to your consciousness and your mental ability. It is observed that the Chinese nation are more proactive and sharp mind people because they take too much hot water and soap etc. that keep them hydrated.


Habits of People Who Stay FitNever allow your body to fix at one place, always try to move your body because our body demands continuous movement of muscles and bones. To stay sharp and proactive always take a short walk outside your home in the open air or when you are at your workplace than take a short walk in office after regular interval. Along with this don’t forget to move your body part continuously as you can simply move your hands and fingers, stand up and sit down for 10 min. Also, you can consult good physical therapist doctor who can guide you even in a proper way and will tell you the exercises that will help you to maintain your muscle and bones movement.


Habits of People Who Stay FitLike I already mentioned that one should always take food according to his choice and what suit him best. This thing relaxes your mind and gives strength to your body. So, try to prepare the food at your home according to your choice or you can say that add up the ingredients in your food what your body demands. The common health diet one should take is the food that is less dense like carrot, onions, boiled rice etc. but keep in mind that never take too much problem that can overweight you. So try to take only a sufficient diet.


Habits of People Who Stay FitEnergizers are necessary whether you are at home or in the workplace because it keeps your mind active. It is the best and most effective way to remove work stress, provides comfort, and helps you to keep concentration at the project. It is not the only effective way for an individual but can also help you when you are a speaker in some workshop at your firm, so to keep audience active and fresh try to boost them with some energizer which will provide strength to you and your listeners.  Most general energizer is to stretch your legs and arms which will add up to your health.


Habits of People Who Stay FitTry to leave early when you are free from your job. Instead of stopping at your doorstep trying to take the bus when returning back home. In this way walking some distance on foot will surely help you to improve your health. Try to talk with different people on your way back because in this way you can quickly get out of your work zone and also it is the best way to overcome stresses.


Habits of People Who Stay FitWhen you wake up early then it set a platform for you to keep your eating routine in a perfect way. Never take food too late at night because it has serious consequences and can badly affect your health. If you are really hungry at night then take some fruits before you sleep. Set a proper schedule and eat accordingly. Take breakfast early, have lunch in the afternoon and take dinner 3 hours before you go to your bed.


Habits of People Who Stay FitNow, this is the last and much important for proper sleep. Always wear comfortable night dress before you sleep, adding up to this you can also take a bath and have some minor exercise to relax your body. Sleep Well GOOD NIGHT!


These are 9 of the best normal life habits one can adopt to stay fit and healthy. One must consult a doctor as well before following any routine because they can judge you better and will provide you proper measures.