Five Great Fashion Trends for 2021

The “extra” hair tie

Go big or go home seems to be the theme in 2021 when it comes to hair accessories. Be it a scarf to stack your hair up on your head, a big scrunchie, or colourful bow. Adding a cool hair accessory can instantly dress up an outfit. They make it seem like you made effort even if you did not. They are perfect for long, thick hair but also perfect when you are trying to hide the fact that you have not washed your hair in days. You can get them in all shapes, sizes and colours and textures. Go crazy!

Add a dash of yellow

Be sure to incorporate more yellows into your wardrobe in 2021. Softer shades such as pastel type yellows are on trend now, but the focus will be on brighter hues such as marigold and lemon. It can instantly make your dress and slacks more fun and pairs perfectly with black and shades of brown. If you are not bold enough to go for those bright statement pieces, you can always work it in by way of an “extra” hair accessory.

Go wild with ruffles and layers

It’s all about the texture. Ruffles and layers can be found on dresses, skirts, blouses and even bags. These pieces will make it feel like you are on your way to a fancy party.

Make a statement with a classic white shirt

The classic white shirt or blouse is a timeless staple in any woman’s wardrobe. The white blouse can be light and floating or tight and close fitting. Try them off the shoulder, strapless, cropped, with an open back, cut-outs or ruffles. The ways you can wear it are countless. They can be dressed up or down with ease, depending on what you pair it with. For a more casual look, pair it with jeans and sneakers. Replace the sneakers with a pair of heels and throw over a blazer for a chic office outfit.

For men, a crisp white button down shirt paired with a black suit is perfect for a night at the casino with the boys. If you prefer to spend the night online gambling, a more casual white polo shirt with slacks are sure to make you feel lucky (confidence is key). If you prefer to stay at home, but still look the part you can give a try. The casino is a perfect mimic to what you’d find at land-based establishments with an array of great gaming titles.

A touch of hippy modernism

This style is very expressive. It is luxurious, effortless and easy to wear. Outfits are made of rich fabrics, coloured in earthy shades and complemented by ethnic print motifs. It is versatile and can come across as preppy, chic or grungy, depending on how you wear it. The flowy dress seems to be a favourite piece at the moment and is available at top online stores. Aim for solid, neutral coloured and plain dresses. Next is the kimono. Drape it over a jumpsuit or pair with washed out jeans, a simple white t-shirt and cool accessories. For a more modern look though, you can opt to add modern accessories. Next is the oversized embellished denim jacket. If you want to spice things up try leather, suede, wool or fur with various details and embroidery, like beads or sequins. Also keep an eye out for army jackets. Try oversized tops, big sweaters and exaggerated blouses or jackets for an effortless hippie look. Choose accessories with fringes and tassels and don’t forget to use prints in your everyday looks.