8 Facts about US Health Care

US Health Care

Facts about US Health Care

Men and women both should be concerned; health is an issue common or both. When both are having same life style, then both will have same risk factors. There are diseases growing up and are more fatal than any other disease in the past such as heart diseases, cancer, stroke, respiratory disease, kidney issues, septicemia, and many others. These all are kind of diseases which if not treated or ceased on time can lead a person to sudden death in case of chronicity. These most common diseases have been reported to cause 7 out of 10 deaths. But the point to notice is why disease rates are increasing while Americans are taking the best health measures, hygiene and paying best for it as well. It is necessary to find out facts. This article has discussed some of the major and most reported reasons of increase in disease rate in America.

Fact #1: Americans pay way, way, way more for health care than anyone else

Health care budgets of United States are way more than anyone in the world. Experts say that if the health care system of US become on its own economy, it would be fifth largest in the world. American government also pays more on public health than Canada, UK, Japan and Australia. And then it spends even more on private health care. But besides this there is another fact as well that Americans don’t go doctor much, their visits to doctors are also less. But the prices of drugs are highest in US, the drug sellers say that high costs enable them to come up with new innovative drugs.

Fact #2: We pay doctors when they provide lots of health care, not when they provide good health care

People pay to doctors because they provide health care, but not good health care. The trend of going to the doctor is common now and seems like a tradition or norm in some cases. Doctors use the method of prescribed treatments. The American health care runs by and large on a “fee for service” system.  There were a lot of coping strategies, supposed to be applied but doctors didn’t pay attention and some didn’t apply other did half-heartedly so all methods faced failure.

Fact #3: Half of all healthcare spending goes towards 5 percent of the population

Something that revealed after analysis and research is that Americans are not equal health care spenders. There are tens of millions of people who barely go to the doctor at all and a handful of people who go a lot. The National Institute for Health Care and Management (NIHCM) estimated that in a year, half of the medical spending is on only 5 percent of the population, others don’t go to the doctor or may don’t take many services. On average these are the people who use 40,000 dollars of health care annually.

Fact #4: Our health insurance system is the product of random WWII-era tax provisions

Facts about US Health CareThe American government provides health services to the workers without adding tax on their bills. In the wartime, this decision was made to facilitate government. There were taxes supposed to stop wartime profiteering and keep unions away from shutting down productions to extract wage gain. But later when things got normal it became incredibly valuable for workers. And later on government faced loss just because of not taxing health facilities. This tax exclusion also demands for expensive health insurance.

Fact #5: Insurance companies have small profit margins

Insurance companies are always rising, because they are the ones who keep on charging. They are the best approachable target as well. But their profit margins tend to be smaller and they keep losing debates over health care. Drug manufacturers have the highest profit margins. The insurance companies keep 10 to 15 percent of the whole profit. One other reason for high cost of American health system is that their insurers are so weak and unable to win the arguments. Their people focus on other careers and underestimate this one. The profits of insurance companies are a trivial part of economy.

Fact #6: Getting health care in the United States is dangerous

Do you think that getting health care in the US will be good or more beneficial for you? Well, then you are miss leaded or ignored the facts. We exactly can’t figure out a number, but daily a lot of patients die in American hospitals. The problem occurs because doctors rarely discuss their mistakes with each other and it creates more health issues. And even their own patient’s deaths are a little event for them with a little notice. It is even making them less noticeable than other events. The experts recommend American government to improve their road facilities as well to reduce health threats.

Fact #7: One-third of healthcare spending isn’t helping

It is necessary to spend money on things which may help as well. But it looks like the American government is spending money over strategies which are not working. They spend one-third of the total health care budget on things which do not help in health care, simply saying money is wasted on such things. And according to a rough estimate, hundreds of dollars are wasted on medicines which no one needs, such medicines should be produced on demand only. In most of the cases it is hard to find the place where money and resources are being wasted because sometimes, doctors also don’t know either there should be a treatment with medicine or any other therapy. And the most important issue with cutting down the waste of money and medicine.

Fact #8: Obamacare is not universal health care

Obama Care program was introduced but it also seems to be wasted or miss managed. A new system in United States has been introduced. It will have a large expansion over insurance coverage, called as Obamacare.  However, this plan also can’t cover up everyone. But it has established the way to cut down the number of people who are lacking with coverage in half. Even after the implementation, there are predictions that there still some people will exist who will face ignorance. The uninsured rates will still remain double digits, hovering around 11 percent. There will be millions relying on free medical and health care.


There can never be perfect health coverage without proper planning and making channels. The whole analysis has revealed that there are problems in data management, taxes, insurances etc. The whole system needs a revolution and devoting people who serve to save the nation from loss. And their goal is healthcare. There are many options to help you with health challenges such as over-the-counter bed sore creams to solve your problems with out calling a doctor.