Does a College Visit Prop Up Your Admission Chances?

It’s not uncommon to see prospective college students take a tour through a university. Even though some time ago, university tours were mapped out to aid a students’ resolve on a college decision, it’s quite different these days.

It is quite amusing that prospective college entrants tend to think that touring a school is a vital part of an admission’s officer requirement. Is it though? Well, this piece will endeavor to answer just that.

There are a couple of reasons that should influence your embarking on a college tour, but one of the reasons shouldn’t be because you plan to influence the admission’s officer stance on your application.

Undoubtedly, touring a college does increase your chances of gaining admission due to the reasons we will list out here. However, campus tours are basically information gathering exercises and not necessarily an exhibition to the admission officers.

So here is how a campus tour can buy your admission prospects, especially in the University of California.

Build Strong Convictions

When you participate in UCLA campus tour, for instance, you stand a chance to have first-hand dealings with students of the college, lecturers, and its sceneries. You get to feel the ambiance of the school; which you cannot get from looking at the school’s website. During the tours, you can also ask questions and make assessments.

Now, some of these experiences don’t come from online portals or hearsay. Armed with these experiences, your convictions become stronger, and what do they say about a man with convictions? He is unstoppable.

Consequently, when you speak or write based on these convictions, it sure makes your interest in the school more believable, which most admission officers look out for in a student.

Statement of Intent

Some schools are very keen on the statement of intent, or written essays, by students on why they aspire admission in their institution. These essays are used as a determining factor when granting admission, as the intent of the student is weighed along with the university’s objective.

A powerful statement of purpose has landed some students’ admission into some prominent schools on a platter of gold. If you seek to write a killer essay for a college, then one way is to write from a place of depth and enthusiasm stemmed from grasping the first-hand experience about the college.

When you have toured a school and are fortified with the needed prerequisites, when you’re writing, it’s easier to garner your points and keep your words coordinated. In reality, these essays will come out more impressive and appeal more with admission officers, as they come from a deeper position of knowledge.

Demonstrate Your Interest

Taking a tour of a school you aspire to attend definitely goes to prove to the admission officers that you’re genuinely interested in their school. There’s no doubt that most admission officers will rather give admittance to a student who has indicated interest than one who probably lives in the neighborhood and has never cared to tour.

Even though your tour is a demonstration of interest, it may not be considered during admission in some schools like Yale. You can never tell what volume of good a UCLA campus tour can speak, on your behalf to the admission board.

Conclusively, if you stay far from a college and it isn’t convenient to visit, then there is no point stressing yourself out about it. A college visit is more about you than any admission officer.

If you feel you’re well furnished with all you need to know to apply for admission to a college, then why wait to apply? Your convictions, your academic radiance, and a firm grasp of the school are the eventual determinants of your chances at admission.

If you don’t feel like you have a grasp of the school you’re applying to, then kindly go on a tour because it will make you better prepared to tend to interview questions about the school.  All the best with your decision.  Also make sure your prepared for college by learning how to write a research paper.