Common Swaddling Mistakes Parents Make and How to Fix Them

Swaddling your baby the first time around can be difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy. However, you also need to avoid some mistakes to ensure that your baby is calm, stays snug, and is happy. Here are some of the common swaddling mistakes that parents usually make and how they can fix them.

Not Having a Swaddling Transition Plan

When you start to swaddle your baby, you need to have a plan as to when you want to stop swaddling. You might want to stop swaddling your baby by the age of three to four months. You need to have a proper plan for the transition, or it will get confusing. Some of the signs that show that your baby might be getting too old for swaddling are increased activity, starting to roll over, fighting swaddle, and becoming too strong to stay swaddled.

Swaddling is Too Tight or Too Loose

Many parents think that swaddling their babies tightly would be the right thing to do, but it’s not. Swaddling should be snug but don’t let it too tight, or it can hinder with their natural growth. The swaddle must be a little loose leg down to give room for some movement. Also, swaddling should not be too loose that the baby unwraps itself as it can be dangerous.

Swaddling in Thick Blankets

You might receive plenty of blankets as baby shower gifts, but not all of them are good for swaddling. Thick blankets can cause overheating and make your baby uncomfortable. You need to purchase a special blanket for swaddling a baby that is 100% cotton and breathable. The blanket should also be at least 44 inches square so that it can wrap around the whole body and does not just pop open.

Swaddling Baby with Bent Arms

Swaddling your baby with bent arms is a recipe for disasters. The baby may even take out their hands and unswaddle themselves. It’s important to keep their hands straight when swaddling so that they can relax and sleep better.

Using Swaddle as a Punishment

Even though swaddling is used as a practice to calm down babies, it should not be used as a punishment. It’s not wise to swaddle your baby if they are crying a lot. If you use swaddling as a way to quiet your baby, they will start to resist it, and you will have difficulty swaddling them again.

Swaddling in a Car Seat

While it may seem silly, many first-time parents make the mistake of swaddling their babies while they are in a car seat. You should not swaddle your baby in a chair or a swing that requires harnessing, especially if your baby is quite active. You can always use car seat covers to keep your baby warm when they are in a car seat.


Now that you have a better understanding of what mistakes to avoid when swaddling your baby, you and your baby can have a better night’s sleep.