Common Spirit Animals and What They Symbolize

An animal appearing in a dream could be a spirit guide nudging you to fix an issue that may have been put aside. Spotting the same creature when you’re awake could mean that it’s your spirit animal trying to say something important. A tarot reading can help bring the message received in the dream state to the surface in the waking world. Here are some common spirit animals and what they could represent.

Lion: Strength

The lion is an independent animal that relies on its inner strength. Aggressiveness and anger add fuel to a lion’s energy to fight an adversary. If your spirit animal appears to you in a dream as a lion, it might be time to gather courage and prepare yourself to win an upcoming battle. Consulting with a psychic reader and checking a free daily horoscope could provide insight regarding how you should prepare if a possible threat or challenge is approaching.

Bear: Encouragement

Bears are strong, powerful animals. Seeing a single bear in a dream could signify that you need to tap into your prior experiences to overcome an issue. Two bears could indicate that it’s time to call a trusted friend. A trio of bears appearing in a dream, however, could mean that a rebalancing is necessary. For example, fixing a budget so that it’s “just right” could be what the three bears are signaling.

Cat: Positive Energy

Cats are influential totems that may reflect a good or bad luck symbol. The mystery of its appearance in your dream can be deciphered by its color. A dark or black cat could represent betrayal by a close friend or it could reflect a deceitful individual who is affecting you in a negative way. White cats, on the other hand, generally mean that you’re remaining patient and kind, but maybe it’s time for some kind of an adventure before curiosity gets the best of you. The feline’s color and how the cards spread out in a tarot reading can give you an idea of what you need to add or remove to bring balance back into your life.

Hawk: Crisis Prevention

Intuition can snap you out of a distraction that may be preventing you from recognizing an immediate or potential danger. If you’ve dreamt of a hawk, your higher power may be trying to tell you it’s time to focus. An important decision such as relocating, getting married or finding a new job requires a clear and impartial outlook. Most difficult situations can unfold successfully, but it could require watching every step you take “like a hawk.”

Butterfly: Transformation

Butterflies symbolize incredible changes; oftentimes, however, a transformation involves hardship and struggle before those beautiful wings begin to appear. Dreaming of butterflies can be an affirmation that you have the strength and positive energy to withstand the struggle preceding a transition. Once you master each stage of the transformation, you’ll feel renewed, refreshed and ready to move forward.

Animals appearing in your dreams can help guide you to your goals and steer you away from danger. Psychic readings provide clarification and further guidance; you can have one with just a click and a connection to an experienced reader.