CBD Oil For Pets: How to Choose The Right Product for Your Cat

Cannabis oil has emerged as an alternative to regular medication for pets and is being used to treat a plethora of health conditions. Want to give CBD Oil to your beloved furry friend? Don’t worry, if you are confused. With an array of cannabidiol products sold in the market, anybody could find it challenging to pick an appropriate tincture.

If you are new to the CBD market and want to choose the best for your cat, high-grade products at top-rated sites such as Holistapet could give your kitty a boost of holistic wellness. We know every cat owner would want to give their cat the best! Here, we’ve tried to cover optimum significant information that would enable you to conveniently pick any top-quality cannabis oil for your pet.

If you are planning to offer your pet CBD for the first time, it would make sense to know the ailments that it could treat. Let’s quickly explore a little about CBD oil. Packed with a bagful of active compounds, this cannabis plant extract can be used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Unlike marijuana, it does not carry high amounts of THC property to give your pet a high. Tinctures labeled as CBD oil contain a high concentration which can be used for multiple therapeutic purposes.

From anxiety, pain, inflammation to cancer, and more, cannabis oil is commonly used to treat a variety of ailments today. It is known to improve the quality of life in pets although it may not necessarily cure an existing condition. Before you administer any product to your feline friend, make sure to consult your vet, and do not initiate it without their consent.

How safe is CBD oil for your pet cat?

Have second thoughts on introducing cannabis oil to your cat? Let’s see what experts have to say. Many vets say that CBD is generally safe for kitties although the risk of its adverse effects can’t be completely overlooked.

Some cats might develop gastrointestinal issues with the use of cannabis tinctures. What plays a vital role here is the dosage! You shouldn’t be overdosing your cat with it. Most top brands that sell CBD oils for pets also provide a dosage chart for reference.

Accidental overdosing could cause side effects as well as diminish the purpose of giving him this supplement. It would be wise to either refer to the chart or follow your veterinarian’s advice. Indeed, FDA does not regulate CBD products available off the retail shelves, so might get confusing to understand if you are giving the right dose to your pet. Learn more on how safe it is to administer it to pets at https://www.cnet.com/health/is-cbd-safe-for-pets/

If you are planning to your cat cannabis oil, being consistent with the dosage could show improvement in her health over a period. There is no standardized prescribed and all that you lay your hands would mostly be an approximate quantity suggested as per the concentration of the oil and height, weight, symptoms that your cat shows.

If you are contemplating to buy a tincture online, you must check for the basic details that qualify your product as usable.

Always make sure that the oil you pick for your cat has been lab-tested for its content as well as for other elements such as heavy metals or other microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. You cannot overrule the legality of the product. So, a tincture composition that contains less than 0.3% THC is regarded as hemp which isn’t a regulated substance.

It’s best to read the details on your bottle’s packaging before procuring it. Most cannabidiol tinctures fit this description.

Consulting your vet before offering your kitty any such oils also would ascertain that your pet’s other medication (in any) is not hampered. Mixing medicines without prior knowledge and appropriate information could be detrimental to your catty’s health.

How safe is CBD oil for your pet cat

Some common cat’s health conditions that can be treated with cannabidiol oil include kidney disease, arthritis, asthma, pancreatitis, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, inflammatory bowel disease, and kidney disease. Cats are known to be sensitive to many kinds of food and this could also hold good for the CBD you purchase.

It’s best to read the product details and discuss it with the vet before offering them to your cat. The tincture should preferably be certified and lab-tested and contain zero THC to prevent toxicity issues.

All reputable companies get their products tested by independent parties to verify the quality, potency, and impact of the cannabidiol tincture. Don’t rely on generic claims and look for details that highlight its sourcing and processing. Top-rated brands that are doing well and are reliable can be considered safe for your cat. Ensure checking both labels and website of the company you decide to procure from.

Most cannabidiol experts recommend picking organic oil for kittens as these are pesticide-free and expected to suit your cat’s sensitive body. Selecting the right oils can ensure its effectiveness and purity.

Full-spectrum tinctures are considered better than their isolated CBD variant. You could look for appetizing flavors such as beef, chicken, fish flavors or any that your cat would not mind having.

Check this to find out if your pet would like the natural cannabis smell.

Depending on your cat’s palate and sensitivity, you could choose how to give your kitty a dose of good health. Compared to oils, offering CBD in the form of supplements or treats could be an easier option.