What is wood chip landscaping?

Woodchips under fence

Wood chip landscaping is the activity of restructuring the visual style of a garden to improve its aesthetic features using wood chips. What are wood chips? Wood chips are pieces of wood that are shredded, chipped, or ground up. Wood chips are also known as Arborist Wood Chips (an arborist is a … Read more

What are the different types of wood chip mulch?

hands holding wood chips

Wood chip mulch is the use of wood chips as a layer to cover and protect the surface of the soil for valuable reasons. This could be to add visual appeal and aesthetic view to a landscape, or for technical reasons that are beneficial to plants, such as avoiding erosion, maintaining moisture … Read more

What are the different types of riding boots?

person riding a horse

Riding boots are popular footwear for equestrianism or horse riding. Although they are designed for this purpose, riding boots have evolved and are now also popular as a fashion statement.   Short Origin The origin and invention of boots are said to be credited to the Spaniards. In the 1500s, they were technically designed … Read more

Alternatives To Wood Chips In The Garden

Wood Chips

Small to medium-sized bits of wood, such as branches, trees, stumps, and debris from forestry operations are turned into woodchips by cutting or chipping bigger pieces of wood. In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages of using wood chips for gardens. Wood chips are the starting point for making wood pulp and … Read more

Reasons Men Like Boonie Hats

Reasons Men Like Boonie Hats

In hot, tropical areas, military forces frequently wear wide-brimmed sun hats called “booney hats,” also known as “boonies.” It has a bucket-hat-like style, but a stronger brim. The brim of the Australian giggle hat is thinner. Due to its popularity, it is better to know the ultimate guide to Boonie Hats. A … Read more

Are Jumping Stilts Safe for Children?

Special stilts called jumping stilts, bounce stilts, or spring stilts enable the wearer to run, jump, and engage in a variety of acrobatic movements. Under the trademark “PowerSkip,” spring stilts made of fiberglass leaf springs were patented in the US in 2004 and marketed for use in extreme sports. Aluminum is frequently … Read more

Used Jumping Stilts – Is it Safe to Buy Them?

Legs of two men on a jumping stilts

If you’re aiming for an enjoyable and fun way to get fit, then you should definitely consider buying used jumping stilts. These devices can provide a great workout, and they are a lot of fun to use. However, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind before making your … Read more

Best Way to Clean a CamelBak Water Bottle

A green water bottle

If you’re like most people, you probably use a CamelBak water bottle to stay hydrated on the go. These bottles are incredibly convenient, but they can be a little tricky to clean properly. In this blog post, we’ll teach you the best way to clean your CamelBak water bottle so that it … Read more

What Essential Items are Needed When You Go Horse Riding?

person riding a white horse

Horse riding is also known as horseback riding or equestrianism. It includes the use of horses for practical working purposes, transportation, and as well as recreational activities, and competitive sport. If you want to try it as a hobby or sport, it is no exaggeration to say that it is an expensive … Read more

Why Norwegian Babies Sleep Outside?

a couple with their baby

Would you ever put your toddler or baby outside for a lunchtime nap in the freezing weather? It is part of the daily routine for most Nordic parents, and you will not find them giving it a second thought. Babies nap in the outdoors in Norway and most of the other Scandinavian … Read more

Why Kids Should Spend More Time Outdoors

two kids sitting on the grass, reading a book

Think of just how much stuff your kids can do when let loose in the outside world. They can walk, run, jump, play hide-and-seek, race against each other – all the cool stuff that eventually become a collection of funny childhood stories and anecdotes when they grow up. Letting your kids spend … Read more

Tips for Selecting the Best Baitcaster Reel

Tips for Selecting the Best Baitcaster Reel

Fishing is an interesting activity that requires focus, precision skills, and the use of the right tools to ensure a positive outcome. While knowing the right fishing tools may be confusing for the beginner, they are an absolute necessity if one’s fishing expedition is to be successful. One of the most popular … Read more